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Top 100 Social Media Friendly Chambers of Commerce

For chambers of commerce, which for years have built their memberships by providing networking opportunities and business training, social media is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it makes networking easier, providing additional tools for the chamber… Read More

Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly International MBA Schools

There’s no question that social media is important. People use it for just about everything now, including searching for the right MBA school or program. The staff of Online MBA recently put together an article ranking the top 100… Read More

Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly Fortune 500 Companies

Why is social media so important? It provides an easy way to build relationships with your customers—to get feedback, share useful information, and address customer service issues quickly and effectively. By listening to customers and responding quickly to their concerns,… Read More

Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly MBA Schools

How do prospective students find more information about the colleges they are considering? Increasingly, they are turning to social media. From watching videos on YouTube to asking quick questions on Twitter, students expect to be able to interact with schools… Read More

Top 10 Most Social Media Friendly Rankings of Online MBA Schools

For students seeking an online MBA program, one criterion is often the level of interaction available for students. Social media outlets provide a great way for schools to connect with current and prospective students, and many prospective students judge the… Read More

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