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In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, developing the kind of graduate-level management and leadership skills you get from an MBA could help you better understand the needs of modern business.

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The best online MBA programs will typically offer you plenty of flexibility so that you can continue to work full time and fulfill your personal obligations. Online MBA programs are offered either in synchronous or asynchronous format.

Synchronous means you will attend all of your online MBA classes at a set time with your fellow online students and professors. The advantage of this model is that you will move through the graduate program with classmates.

On the other hand, asynchronous format means that your online MBA classes are usually offered whenever you have the time to dedicate to them. You will still interact with other students and professors via online chats and bulletin boards, but you’ll generally attend classes on your own time. Sourcing out some MBA student resources on your own can make going solo in your graduate studies more manageable.

Top 10 MBA Considerations

While deciding on the best online program to prepare for doing all the amazing things you have planned with your MBA, think about these key considerations:

  1. Academic quality It should offer the same MBA degree whether the program is taken online or in person.
  2. Accreditation All good online MBA programs have accreditation from widely recognized accreditation bodies, such as AACSB, ACBSP and IACBE.
  3. Flexibility options Does the program offer asynchronous or synchronous classes, or a combination? Your personal and work schedule may require more flexibility, so bear that in mind as you choose your program.
  4. Concentrations Does the MBA program offer the concentration that you prefer? Does it offer the types of elective MBA classes that you want to further your career?
  5. Faculty Does the faculty have many years of experience in business, and is that business experience recent and in the specialization you are studying?
  6. Scholarships and fellowships What type of scholarships and fellowships does the online MBA program offer to help to pay for your education?
  7. Networking opportunities A major benefit of an MBA program is the networking opportunities and learning from other students and professors in the classroom. Does the online MBA program offer these opportunities online in chats, bulletin boards and online discussions? Are there in person meetings on the campus during the MBA program? Does the school you’re considering offer some dual degree options with the MBA that would broaden your network even further?
  8. Experience How much work experience in the business field is the university looking for? Some online MBA programs want only very experienced business professionals, as this can lead to a better collaborative learning environment.
  9. Graduation rate What percentage of online MBA students complete the program on time, and how many are employed within a year of graduation?
  10. Admissions Is the GMAT or GRE required to be admitted? You want to know well in advance if you will need to take one of the standardized tests, and you may even want to consider MBAs that don’t require the GMAT or other entrance exams.

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