Non-Profit Management MBA Online

Before the establishment of accredited online schools, obtaining a non-profit management MBA degree would usually require an applicant to register and pass the GMAT and or GRE; in addition to having at minimum 2 years of in-class study.

Currently however, there are many reputable online schools that offer robust online nonprofit management MBA degree programs without having to take the GMAT or GRE. If  you want to work in the nonprofit sector with a high degree of business acumen, you would be wise to consider getting this exciting MBA degree.

What We Do

An online MBA program with a specialization in nonprofit management  with the specialized skills you need to be a business leader in the world of nonprofit organizations. To become a leader in the nonprofit sphere, you will greatly hone your knowledge about fundraising, nonprofit legal matters and ethics, how to manage volunteers, and many other areas that are relevant primarily to nonprofit entities.

Work Environment

Professionals who possess a non-profit management MBA will in most cases work in a nonprofit office either in the US or overseas. You could work in many types of nonprofit organizations that could include the areas of small business, law, international business, public health, manufacturing and many more. Note that if you get your nonprofit management MBA online, you will very likely be working with people from different countries and they may speak different languages.

Some professionals who have their nonprofit MBA online could be stationed anywhere, and may have to visit different locations of the organization around the country or world.

How to Do It

To earn your nonprofit MBA, you will have to complete your bachelor’s degree in a variety of fields; most MBA candidates have a background in business, but those who are interested in the nonprofit world could have a liberal arts or public health background.

Many of the best online nonprofit MBA programs do not require you to take the GMAT or GRE. While being admitted into these programs is highly competitive, your previous coursework and work experience is most important.

The vast majority of online MBA programs today have full accreditation from the top accreditation agencies, such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). It is important to ensure that your online MBA program has been properly accredited by a well-known accrediting agency (which the programs on our list below have been).

Online Non-Profit MBA Programs

Your online nonprofit MBA program should take one to two years to complete. Please review these excellent online MBA programs below.

  1. *Online MBA in Non-Profit Management Abilene Christian University – Today’s nonprofit sector calls for leaders who are able to approach social issues with decisiveness and collaboration. Our Nonprofit Leadership MBA program will prepare you to tackle social challenges, enabling you to make an impact in the world around you. Our rigorous curriculum will challenge you to approach the nonprofit sector through the lens of faith, applying leadership and critical thinking to the social needs of our global economy.
  2. *Online MBA in Health Systems Management and Strategic Human Resource ManagementGrand Canyon University – This online university offers an MBA in Health Systems Management and Strategic Human Resource Management. With an MBA in Health System Management, students learn how to think critically in a management position and harness technologies and other modes of communication to mitigate health care policies worldwide.  With an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management, students are equipped with the knowledge to become excellent human resource managers.  This is useful in a non-profit organization.
  3. *Online MBA in Nonprofit Management – Kaplan University – With an online MBA degree from this university, students will be equipped with first-rate leadership skills to mitigate projects and negotiate problems in the ever-changing business climate all over the world.  Scholarships, loans, grants and several financial aid options are available.
  4. *Online MBA in Financial Management, Human Resources Management, and Management Information Systems –  Northcentral University – This online school presents a variety of MBA management degrees to choose from without having to take the GMAT. Students can choose from a MBA in Financial Management, Human Resources Management, and Management Information Systems to name just a few.  This school offers financial aid for those who qualify and the flexible course scheduling is convenient for those balancing a career and or busy lifestyle.
  5. Online MBA in Project Management Marylhurst University – This accredited online university is geared towards applicants who desire a career in nonprofit management.  Students can choose from consulting, fundraising, volunteer management, non-profit law, or business development. Armed with this degree, students will be versed in the methodologies specific to non-profit organizations and how as a result of sound leadership and direct, it can translate into a successful non-profit for the greater community and beyond.  An accelerated course schedule can put an applicant on the fast track to graduate in as little as 18 months. Marylhurst is featured in the America’s best online MBA degree rankings report.
  6. Online MBA in Management Information Systems –  Cameron University – This online university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and requires no GMAT for admittance.  This is a 33 hours MBA degree program which prepares applicants for leadership positions in the business world.  The flexible online classes allow the working professionals the freedom to take courses as his/her schedule allows.
  7. Online Master of Business AdministrationColumbia College – This accredited online university offers an MBA degree which covers a multitude of coursework ranging from International Business to Business Communication Theory and Practice to help students understand the full range of issues and responsibilities leading a non-profit organization entail.  A completed application form, $55 dollar application fee, three letters of commendation, a college transcript, and a personal statement outlining one’s goals relative to the program, is all that is needed to apply.
  8. *Online Master of Business AdministrationConcordia University of Chicago – Managing a successful not-for-profit organization is very similar to managing a business. Concordia University Chicago’s MBA with a concentration in not-for-profit management addresses the unique attributes of a not-for-profit organization while providing a solid business foundation in areas such as management, finance and marketing. Our academic history is deeply rooted in preparing students to serve others, and our professors exemplify this tradition.

Pros and Cons

Earning your online MBA in in nonprofit organizations has its pros and cons. Let’s consider them:


  • With a graduate degree in nonprofit management, you should be able to risk high in many nonprofit organizations.
  • You will be able to get a higher salary in the nonprofit world with your MBA.
  • An MBA tends to stand out in the nonprofit world, as the majority of MBAs go into business.


  • Earning an MBA takes a lot of time and money, and you will not earn as much of a salary in the nonprofit sector.
  • Job prospects could be more limited in some areas in nonprofits.

Financial Aid

Below are four scholarships that you can earn to pay for your online MBA in nonprofit management:

Career Paths

With an MBA in nonprofit management, you will have many options available:

  • Accounting: Many MBAs in nonprofits end up working on handling the accounting needs for a non profit organization. Accounting is an incredibly important function in any modern business environment today. It is vital for businesses and nonprofits to keep close track of all of their expenses and to ensure that there is a proper paper trail for all accounts payable and received.
  • Fundraising oversight: You could play a very important role in managing the fundraising for your organization. Fundraising obviously is a critical part of any nonprofit organization. Given that the organization does not produce goods or services at a profit, it is important for the organization to always have a steady stream of fundraising occurring to fund operations. Fundraising oversight can include working with members to ensure that their dues are paid in full and on time, and also can involve raising money from private events.
  • Business management: Nonprofits need to have effective managers for their business operations just like any corporation. Proper management of all business functions is important in any organization, whether it is a for profit or a non profit organization. That the members’ dues are paid and that there are used responsibly is just as important as ensuring that a business makes a profit.
  • Information technology: You could oversee the IT operations of many types of nonprofit organizations. Information technology and the proper use of it today help to increase the profits and efficiency of your organization. There are many types of hardware and software that can be used in a for profit or a non profit organization that can make the entity run more efficiently. This can ensure that dues are not wasted and that every dollar is used in a way that is best for the organization.
  • Marketing and account management: Many associations and nonprofits have corporate accounts that need to be carefully managed just as in any regular business. Marketing and accounting is just as important in the nonprofit world. Members of nonprofits have accounts that need to be watched over just as with a company. Some dues paying members pay more than others, so it is obviously critical that the largest paying accounts are taken care of.

Suggested Websites

Below are some helpful websites that could be useful as you earn your MBA in nonprofit management: