International Business MBA Online

A professional with an international business MBA work with global companies that are active in many international markets. These companies often include airlines, restaurant chains and oil companies. Those who graduate with an international business MBA frequently work in international companies, banks and government agencies.

What We Do

This type of MBA program will instruct you about modern global business practices, ethics and various types of economic systems as they function in today’s international market. Professionals with this degree can hold many types of advanced international business jobs, such as global business manager. In this role, you would be responsible for the oversight of a business’s operational duties in multinational business deals and managing business development.

Another common role with an international business MBA is international marketing manager. In this occupation, you are focused on the promotion of a company’s products in an international marketplace, including making accurate estimates of consumer demand for products and services.

Work Environment

Most people who have an international business MBA will work in an office environment either in the US or abroad. As you will be working with international corporations, there will be a great deal of working with people of different cultures who may speak different languages. Some people who have an international MBA end up doing a good deal of traveling to different parts of the world.

How to Do It

To get an international business MBA, you will need to finish your bachelor’s degree in a related field, which can include the liberal arts. Competition can be tough to get into many good online MBA programs, so you will need to probably apply to several.

While many traditional MBA programs still require you to take the GRE or GMAT exam, there are now many online MBA programs where this is not necessary.

Most online MBA programs today are fully accredited and offer the same degree as you would earn on a campus. You should expect to take about two years to earn your online international business MBA.

MBA in International Business Online

These days it is quite easy to find an online university that offers a strong online MBA degree. Just take a look at the programs offered below!

  • *Online Master of Business Administration in International Business – Southern New Hampshire University – Do you want to compete in a tough, global, 21st century environment? Then you need to earn your online MBA in International Business Administration from SNHU. The MBA courses selected in this accredited online program feature a good mix of applied research and theory. It is through this combination that  you will fully develop your international business skills and be prepared to lead in all types of business around the world. Graduates of this top online MBA program often work in global finance, international marketing and trade, and in advanced management positions in international corporations. This online MBA can be completed in just more than a year, and is taught by full professor faculty with years of business experience.
  • *Online Master of Business Administration International Business VR Delivery – Indiana Wesleyan University – Pursue an expanded role in business administration through our flexible, online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Coursework is designed to build upon your past experiences and education to help you become a more insightful and tactical thinker. Indiana Wesleyan University is featured as a best online MBA program in America’s Best Online MBA ranking for 2017.
  • *Online Master’s Degree in International Management – Colorado State University Global Campus – If you want to be a leader in the global economy of the 21st century, you must have a very solid grasp of the political, economic, regulatory and cultural variables that affect multinational corporations. This online master’s degree in international management is a superior choice if you intend to be a leader in a multinational company, if your firm wants to expand across the globe, or if you just do business internationally. In this two year online program, you will learn all aspects of many types of businesses in domestic and global surroundings. You also will totally understand the regulations and laws that vary in every country in the world.
  • *Online Master of Business Administration in International Business – Liberty University – This two year MBA with a specialty in international business will ready you for many types of leadership roles in many business areas around the globe. You will focus your studies on developing markets and global finance, and also will learn the latest international business best practices. You will pick up very valuable business operation skills that will serve you well in any kind of team environment. Your classes will ready you to serve as a true business expert in the international business world. There is a special focus on learning how to apply ethics to all forms of management practices, and also integrating faith with business learning.
  • *Online Master of Business Administration in International Business – American Intercontinental University – This highly rated international business degree will challenge you to discover how to develop advanced, strategic solutions to international business problems, and to provide top quality leadership as you build capacity in global business practices. This accredited MBA program will teach you to look at the many complex elements of the regulatory and legal environments of international business. Also, you will learn how to develop effective, strategic solutions to problems in business management and operations. Most students can complete this program in only a year.
  • *Online Master of Business Administration in International Business – California Southern University  – Given the global nature of the market place today, having a full understanding of international business trends has never been more critical. This online MBA with a focus on international business will provide you with the advanced tools that you really need to succeed in the international business world. You will learn how to apply current technology to do advanced research and to analyze data, and to develop new solutions to pressing business challenges. This two year program is totally online and will provide you with all of the flexibility that you need to continue to work as you get your advanced education. You also will have the opportunity to learn from highly experienced faculty mentors who are business experts in their specialty.
  • *Online Master of Business Administration in International Business –  University of North Dakota – The online MBA in international business from this highly rated online university is done 100% online with live web classes once per week, and also has in state tuition regardless of where you live. It is rated #1 by many organizations as the most affordable online MBA. In this program, you will learn how to diagnose, isolate and define advanced international business problems. You also will learn from experienced faculty how to make the most effective management decisions that are in the best interests of your international company.
  • *Online Master of Business Administration in International Business – Florida International University – This advanced degree will provide you with the global business skills to excel in many different business fields. With this fully online MBA, you will learn cutting edge competencies in various international business practices and will explore a multitude of real world scenarios through a global filter. This online MBA program in international business is robust and also very convenient and flexible. The curriculum is made to help you to manage business teams that are spread across the world, and to expand your firm’s business into new areas of the world. This program is totally online; no GMAT or GRE is required.

Pros and Cons

Earning your online MBA in international business has many aspects worth your consideration. Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • With a graduate degree in international business, you should be able to stand out from other applicants in the international marketplace.
  • You will be able to command a higher salary with your MBA.
  • Getting an MBA in international business is especially wise if you speak a major language other than English fluently.


  • Earning an MBA while working full time is challenging and requires excellent time management.
  • Earning an internationally focused MBA can limit your work opportunities to certain areas of the globe. This is usually not a problem, but if you are interested in something other than international business, this could be limiting.

Financial Aid

Below are four scholarships that you can earn to pay for your online MBA:

Career Paths

With an MBA in international business, you will have several popular and lucrative career paths:

  • Management analysis: You will work to boost profit margins and worker efficiency in many different areas of business, and also to better structure businesses and organizations.
  • International trade: You can work with importers and exporters in the field of international trade.
  • Financial management: You will create and direct investment and management of cash strategies for international organizations. You might work as an insurance manager, controller or a finance officer.
  • Information technology project management: You would oversee the budget and implementation for the IT aspect of a large organization. To do this, you might want to also specialize in information technology as well as international business.

Suggested Websites

Below are some helpful websites that could be useful as you earn your MBA in international business: