29+ Best Online MBA Dual Degree Options

The rise of the dual degree program has been a recent phenomenon created by many business schools to enable them to stand out against the other business schools each fighting for the students that apply each year. According to an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, the number of dual degree programs available has increased 54 percent over the past ten years, but the portion of MBA students enrolling in them has never gone above one percent.

The continued push for dual degrees has taken on new challenges. In order to minimize the costs and time needed to pursue the dual degrees, the schools are looking for ways to combine electives and required courses in order to minimize those two objections of most incoming MBA students. These are designed with the hope of more students actually signing up for the dual degree programs.

Another modern advancement is to combine the traditional MBA degree program with a more current field that is relevant in today’s marketplace. This is where dual degrees that combine engineering, healthcare, and international degrees with the MBA have been picking up steam. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, the belief is that more students are now going for the MBA and for a dual degree as a form of “career protection” against layoffs and economic downturns.

MBA/MS Nursing

  • MBA/MSN in Nursing – California University of Pennsylvania – Recognized by the U.S. News and World Report for: Best Online Programs, Bachelor’s 2017, Best Online Programs, Grad Education 2017 and Best Online Programs, Bachelor’s for Veterans 2017. More about MBA MSN Dual Degree options.
  • MBA/MS NursingUniversity of Texas at Tyler – For current nurses interested in becoming nursing executives within medical facilities, this degree is what will help. The total program takes 57 hours, down from the 72 hours needed to complete these two degrees separately. They do require a GMAT test score for admission. UTT is featured in America’s Best Online MBA Programs report which ranks over 200 schools.
  • MBA/MS Nursing University of Mary – Currently employed nurses interested in obtaining additional skills and knowledge for future promotions into administrative positions within their health care facility will want to see this program. This online program allows flexibility for those currently employed, and needing to maintain their current employment during the time they work towards completing the degree requirements of this graduate dual degree option. A GMAT test score does not need to be submitted for this school.
  • MBA/MS Nursing St. Joseph’s College – This curriculum is designed to prepare current RNs for future advanced positions within nursing. There is no GMAT test score required for admission to this school, but applicants must have a currently active RN license that has been working full-time for at least two years, and cannot have any disciplinary actions against that license. All 60 credit hours involved in this dual degree provide the information necessary to develop expert level knowledge of the students.
  • MBA/MS Nursing Lynchburg College – This program involves a combination of online courses, with some courses occurring on campus. The 67 total credit hours cover all aspects of business and nursing, and provide valuable insight into how important decision making and strategy formulation are in the long-term sustainability of a profitable enterprise. This can be done on a full- or part-time basis. The GMAT is not needed to apply at this school.

MBA/MS Finance

  • MBA/MS Finance Northeastern University – For prospective students interested in careers in upper level positions within the finance sector of an organization, this degree is a great option. With only 4-7 additional courses beyond the MBA requirements, the graduate will have earned both degrees simultaneously. There is no GMAT test score required for those accepted with over five years of professional work experience.
  • MBA/MS Finance Suffolk University – This program allows for waivers, based on previous education or experience, consists of between 17-25 courses. On a full-time basis, this degree takes less than 2 years to complete, and on a part-time basis, under three years. This school does not require a GMAT test score for admission.
  • MBA/MS Finance Walsh College – The combination of degrees makes up a total of 22 classes, or 66 credit hours. By combining the overall expertise of the MBA coursework with specialized knowledge in all aspects of the financial field, future leaders will prepared by being acutely aware of all financial metrics and how to best use them for proactive decision making. There is no GMAT required for admission to this school.
  • MBA/MS Finance Indiana University – By earning the two degrees at the same time, the credit requirements are 63 total credits, instead of the 81 credits it would take to earn each degree separately. Specifically designed in an online format to make it possible for employed professionals to maintain their current employment while finishing the degree requirements. They do require a GMAT test score for admission.
  • MBA/MS Finance – University of Michigan at Dearborn – The benefit of this dual degree program is to capitalize on the overlap between the overlap of the two degrees. Total credits reduce from over 90 to just 75 by completing the degrees together. There is a requirement for a GMAT test score for application to this graduate program.

MBA/MS Management

  • MBA/MS Leadership – Grand Canyon University –  For prospective students with aspirations to future executive leadership positions, the knowledge gained from this degree combination could be just the answer to preparing for those careers. They do not require a GMAT test score for admission. The program consists of 66 total credits.
  • MBA/MS Strategic Management – Indiana University – This degree program does require a GMAT test score for application. The savings of credit hours by taking these together reduces it to 63 from 81 total credits. Problem solving and analytical skills are the primary tools that a graduate from this program will take to his career to bring about effective, lasting change.
  • MBA/MS Global Management – Thunderbird University – Covering both international and domestic business at the same time is what is learned from this dual degree program. This distinctly global program includes teachings and students from all over the globe, providing unique experiences and insights that each of those students bring to the classroom in this program. GMAT is only required of applicants that do not bring sufficient relevant work experience. This 66 credit hour program should be completed in 28 months.
  • MBA/MS International Management – University of Maryland University College – This online MBA program provides options for 10 dual degree options for with the MBA, and this one helps to provide an International framework and frame of reference to students interested in becoming experts at handling international aspects of the business world. cohorts, or groups of incoming students grouped together and kept together throughout entire program for support and enrichment of graduate business school experience. There is no requirement for a GMAT test score for admission to this school.
  • MBA/MS Hospitality Management – University of North Texas – The available elective courses available under the MBA program allow the two degrees in this dual option to work even better together. With options for specializations such as supply chain management, strategic management, and decision sciences, the graduate will be well prepared for advanced positions within the leadership of hospitality organizations. There is a GMAT test score required for admission to this program.

MBA/MS Health Administration

  • MBA/MSHA – Trident University – Combining the broad knowledge of the theories in management with the case studies of how that works specifically in the healthcare field, these graduates will be prepared to hit the ground running when returning to the workplace after graduation. There is no need for a GMAT test score at this school.
  • MBA/MSHA – Weber State University – This school does require a GMAT test score to be submitted when applying for admission to this program. One of the degrees must be chosen as the primary degree, and then by adding 24 hours to each, the other degree can also be earned. It is possible to complete one of the degree requirements first, and graduate with the one degree while still pursuing the second.
  • MBA/MHSM Texas Woman’s University – With the working professional in mind, the flexible scheduling common with online curriculums is a big part of their appeal. There is no GMAT test score required for admission, and there are occasional campus lectures required. Graduates are prepared to assume roles of health care-related industries pertaining to both leadership and the management of all aspects of the organizations. As the name suggests, this school caters to woman students.

MBA/MS Education

  • MBA/MS Education – Keiser University – Career college professionals looking to advance to leadership positions within academia are the targets of this dual degree option.  Studying advanced educational theories and practices enables graduates to learn the skills necessary to bring out real permanent change in their educational organizations. There are some exclusions to the need for a GMAT, but most applicants do need to submit their test score for admission.
  • MBA/MS Distance Education – University of Maryland University College – With the rise of distance education as a part of more and more educational institutions, the graduates of this dual degree option are likely to have good prospects for employment after graduation. For the best benefit from the dual degree, the MBA, if taken second, only requires 3 additional courses after completing the MS in Distance Education. There is no requirement for a GMAT test at this school.
  • MBA/MS Legal Studies – Arizona State University – This dual degree program does need a GMAT test score to be submitted for admission. The online nature of this curriculum does provide flexibility for working professionals, but the courses related to the legal studies are only available during classes scheduled during the day. In order to start a dual degree program, students must begin the online program each July.

MBA/MS Engineering

  • MBA/MSE Industrial and Systems Engineering – University of Michigan at Dearborn –  This school does require a GMAT test score upon application. In order to complete this dual degree option, the student must finish 66 credit hours of coursework, and is designed for currently employed professionals looking to move up through the corporate ladder by advancing their expertise in this field.
  • MBA/MSE Industrial and Systems Engineering Auburn University – The GMAT test score is a necessary component of the application for admission to this school. Both of these degrees have distance learning options, and they are able to be combined in order to create a very customized curriculum for each student tailored to their specific goals.
  • MBA/MSE Engineering Management Lawrence Technological University – Most applicants to this program do not need to submit a GMAT test score, but for ones with low GPAs from their undergraduate degree, it may be required. By joining the highly technical skills of engineers and add the collaborative, developing skills of professional managers, these graduates will find themselves adequately prepared to lead these business units in future leadership positions.
  • MBA/MSE Electrical Engineering Arizona State University – Eight courses for MBA and eight courses for MSE are designed to take three years to complete. It begins in July of each year, and requires admission into both the business school and the engineering program. They do require the GMAT test score for admission. This degree program is designed to use the online nature of the program to capitalize on the highest amount of human and group interaction possible. This mimics real employment situations, and increases the graduates’ chances of feeling very familiar with the processes when returning to the workplace.
  • MBA/MSE Electrical Engineering Purdue University – This degree has been designed for working engineers that intend to move into managerial executive positions. The 60 total credit hours needed for this degree are down from the 81 hours it would take to earn the two degrees separately. The business school does require a GMAT test score for admission, and there is also a one-week residency that is required each year of the program. The MS degree must be completed first, then the MBA courses can be taken.

MBA/MS Public Health

  • MBA/MPH Public Health Benedictine University – For those interested in working in management and executive positions with public health car systems, this degree provides just the skills and training to make a positive difference in their operation and delivery of health services. For those applicants with an undergraduate degree GPA of 2.5 or higher, a waiver of the need for the GMAT test score can be requested. For those with a lower GPA than that, however, the test score is mandatory.
  • MBA/MPH Public Health – International Central University – The area of public health offers several concentrations in order to target the actual area each student is interested in. They offer disaster management as an option, coordinating and planning to prevent public health disasters from happening. There is no GMAT test score required for admission to this program.
  • MBA/MPH Public Health School of Public Health, UC Berkeley – This dual degree program takes 30 months to complete, and does require a GMAT test score upon application. This curriculum provides the ultimate springboard into the health care management field, by developing all managerial and public health theories and practices and providing opportunities to develop competencies within the program. This only adds one semester to the MBA-only schedule.