Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly International MBA Schools

There’s no question that social media is important. People use it for just about everything now, including searching for the right MBA school or program.

The staff of Online MBA recently put together an article ranking the top 100 most social media friendly MBA schools in the US, and it was so well received that we decided to do an international version as well.

We spent countless hours collecting data on more than 300 of the top international MBA business schools and gathered social media statistics for each one, then dug a little deeper to find the most “liked” and “followed” international business schools on each of the most popular social networks. The result is this top 50 list.

The scoring is based on a maximum of 100 points, with 25 points possible for Facebook, 25 for Twitter, 25 for YouTube, 10 for LinkedIn, 5 for Pinterest, and 5 for Flickr.

Note: When this list was created several years ago Google Plus was still a thing, and schools that had it got 5 points for that too. We have since removed the line item for those points. When you see a school with a total score that’s 5-points higher than the social media point tally, it just means they used to have a Google Plus account. 

Feel free to display the badge on your website or blog if you made it into the top 50!!!. If your school didn’t make it this year, never fear—you’ve got plenty of time to up your social media game before next year’s update.

#1) IE Business School

IE Business School has consistently pulled in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rankings on lists compiled by publications such as Financial Times, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Now they can add another one to the list—#1 in social media among international MBA schools from

#2) Moscow School of Management – SKOLKOVO

SKOLKOVO, which got its start in 2006, focuses on “learning by doing,” incorporating practical projects and assignments into its curriculum. The school was founded by a group of businessmen and companies who are leaders in their industries.

#3) ESADE Business School – Ramon Llull University

ESADE Business School places a high priority on research to improve management policies in order to help companies maintain a competitive edge while operating in a socially responsible manner.

#4) Cass Business School – City University London

Cass Business School has strong ties to some of the leading companies in the world and holds accreditations from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. Cass offers a stimulating environment that appeals to the best and brightest MBA students.

#5) London School of Business & Finance

The London School of Business & Finance attracts students from all over the world. You’ll attend classes with students from over 100 different countries, allowing you to exchange ideas with people from many different backgrounds and cultures.

#6) ESSEC Business School

ESSEC provides work study, exchange, and internship programs to let you gain real-world experience while pursuing your degree. At ESSEC, you’ll develop business leadership skills and learn to rethink the way business is done to come up with strategies that work in today’s high-tech world.

#7) IMD Business School

IMD Business School will challenge you to go beyond your current limits to achieve extraordinary results. You’ll gain hands-on experience in a practical, executive environment as you develop the skills you’ll need to make a real difference when you return to the business world.

#8) HEC Paris

At HEC Paris, you’ll learn how to anticipate changes and respond proactively to meet the evolving needs of your corporation and the world around you. HEC Paris selects the most promising students and prepares them for top management careers.

#9) Richard Ivey School of Business – Western University

Ivey uses case method learning to give you active experience. Instead of learning principles and theories from a textbook, you’ll get a chance to learn exactly how to apply them—by actually doing it.

#10) London Business School

In addition to your regular business curriculum, you’ll participate in a Leadership Launch program that will propel you to a higher level of success in the business world. You’ll learn problem-solving, communication, and change management skills that will be invaluable as you take on challenging leadership roles throughout your career.

#11) HEC Montréal

HEC Montréal was the first North American business school to receive accreditations from the three most prestigious accrediting associations for MBA programs: AACSB International, AMBA, and EQUIS.

#12) The London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE has teamed up with New York University Stern School of Business and HEC Paris to offer the TRIUM Global Executive MBA. This program challenges senior-level executives to recognize and respond to new opportunities as they arise.

#13) EDHEC Business School

The EDHEC Global MBA program is a life-changing experience that will help you develop your leadership skills and give you the opportunity to put them into practice through simulations, case studies, and a 2-month MBA project.

#14) IESE Business School – University of Navarra

IESE’s mission is to create a better world by developing leaders with big dreams and a desire to serve others and make a difference in the world. It was the first business school in the world with a bilingual MBA program.

#15) INCAE Business School

Throughout the first year of INCAE’s MBA program, you’ll learn the leadership and management skills you need to succeed in business. During the second year, you’ll put them into practice by taking part in a “Management Consulting Practice” with a company of your choice.

#16) Hult International Business School

Hult’s one-year MBA program includes a six-week consulting project that prepares you for the real world so that you’ll be ready to hit the ground running at your new job as soon as you get your degree.


INSEAD MBA graduates experience in an average salary increase of 97% following graduation. The intense ten-month program accelerates personal development and provides inspiration for entrepreneurial-minded students.

#18) SKEMA Business School

Students who enroll in SKEMA’s Executive MBA program receive advanced training in the social and economic sciences in addition to management training. This enables graduates to see the interactions between various systems and make better decisions as a result.

#19) Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University

Rotterdam’s full-time International MBA provides graduates with the flexibility to take on a variety of management roles. The program focuses on developing leadership skills while providing a strong foundation in business and management.

#20) Emlyon Business School

If you’re looking for a truly global Executive MBA experience, consider Emlyon’s International Executive MBA for Global Leaders. You’ll participate in five two-week residencies, each in a different country, for a total of 60 days of training in the USA, China, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Mexico.

#21) University of Cambridge – Judge Business School

Practical projects allow you to put your newly-learned skills to the test as part of the Cambridge MBA program. You can tailor the MBA project to your own interests and use it to advance your specific career goals.

#22) Manchester Business School – The University of Manchester

The Manchester MBA will push you to the limit. This rigorous MBA program is one of the most challenging in the world, but it’s worth it. Graduates can experience salary increases of as much as 111% within three years of completing the program.

#23) IAE Business School – Universidad Austral

The goal of IAE’s intense, one-year MBA program is to maximize the ability of its graduates to assume leadership positions by encouraging individual growth and imparting practical skills and knowledge to its students.

#24) Grenoble Ecole de Management

Grenoble’s full-time MBA provides 500 hours of instruction in general management. The program incorporates input from consultants and managers in a variety of industries. After completion of the classroom modules, students are required to complete a final Management Project.

#25) Toulouse Business School

The Toulouse MBA is designed to prepare business leaders for the constant changes they will face in the business world. Graduates will be able to find creative solutions to problems and make good decisions even in uncertain times.

#26) EADA – Escuela de Alta Direccion y Administracion

EADA’s MBA program feature small class sizes and focus on “learning by doing.” You’ll gain a professional advantage by learning the management tools and techniques you need to succeed as a business leader.

#27) BI Norwegian Business School

BI’s Executive MBA programs consist of six two-week modules spread out over 18 months that prepare you to take on challenging leadership positions. The modules are held in various cities all over the world.

#28) Audencia Nantes School of Management

Audencia’s MBA in Responsible Management produces business leaders who are prepared to change the world for the better. In addition to business principles, the program has a strong focus on global responsibility and sustainability.

#29) ESCP Europe

The ESCP Europe Executive MBA is a modular program with core courses that are taught at all five ESCP campuses—in Madrid, Paris, London, Torino, and Berlin. Students must also complete 12 electives, five international seminars, and one international consulting project.

#30) EAE Business School

The full-time MBA program at EAE provides the ultimate management training to provide students with the skills they need to manage businesses and other organizations. Students will have networking opportunities with business professionals visiting the school for conferences and other activities.

#31) Vlerick Business School

Vlerick’s full-time MBA focuses on personal and professional growth, networking possibilities, and developing advantageous professional relationships. Students learn decision-making skills that make them more effective business leaders.

#32) Indian School of Business

The ISB’s Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) is designed to get students back to work quickly. The challenging one-year program is designed for experienced professionals and is updated every year to ensure that it is relevant to the current business climate.

#33) Gordon Institute of Business Science – University of Pretoria

Students who enroll in the GIBS MBA program participate in a mixture of case studies, lectures, company visits, projects, and simulations that offer opportunities for personal and professional development, resulting in graduates who are well-rounded, effective managers.

#34) Reims Management School

The MBA program at Reims Management School prepares students to make sound business decisions in face of rapid changes in business, technology, and society. RMS seeks to help its students become responsible managers who are ready to face challenges head-on.

#35) Rouen Business School

Rouen’s International MBA provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to accelerate their careers and advance quickly in their organizations. Students develop strategic thinking skills and learn to apply their knowledge to solve complex problems.

#36) Beedie School of Business – Simon Fraser University

Beedie covers as much in 12 months as most MBA programs teach in 18-24 months. The accelerated pace requires a serious commitment. You’ll spend about 45 hours per week attending classes, reading, studying, and completing your projects and assignments.

#37) Warwick Business School – University of Warwick

The Warwick MBA emphasizes learning how to think creatively, make strategic decsions, and negotiate effectively. You’ll learn about social responsibility, business ethics, and the relationships between government and business from leading business educators and behavioral scientists.

#38) University of Edinburgh Business School

Learn strategic decision-making skills and develop your leadership potential through the Edinburgh MBA program. This highly-ranked program emphasizes values and critical thinking. The school seeks to create leaders who will make positive contributions to society as well as business.

#39) SDA Bocconi School of Management

SDA Bocconi’s full-time MBA is a one-year graduate program for motivated business professionals. This is an intense program that requires a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. Students are expected to actively participate in class and involve themselves in class projects and extracurricular activities.

#40) Singapore Management University

The SMU MBA produces leaders who are able to make effective decisions in the face of complex problems and situations. The curriculum combines business knowledge with essential leadership and communication skills.

#41) Ibmec

Ibmec’s MBA program covers the concepts and techniques managers need to handle issues faced in the corporate world on a daily basis. Students learn to make better decisions and gain a deeper understanding of the organizational dynamics of businesses in various industries.

#42) Moscow Business School

The Moscow MBA was developed by leading market experts and experienced business instructors. The program provides the knowledge and techniques students need to find creative new ways to solve problems and develop successful companies.

#43) Sauder School of Business – Robert H. Lee Graduate School

A Sauder MBA gives you the skills to perform multiple job functions, increasing your attractiveness to potential employers. You’ll learn how various business functions work together, which will put you in a better position to lead, manage, and take advantage of new career options.

#44) MIP Politecnico di Milano

The MIP MBA is targeted toward young people who have been working in the business world for at least two to three years and are ready to learn contemporary management theories and strategies.

#45) European University Business School

The European University Business School offers MBA programs with focuses in international business, communications and public relations, international marketing, global banking and finance, leisure and tourism management, entrepreneurship, leadership, e-business, sports management, and human resources management.

#46) Rotman School of Management – University of Toronto

The Rotman School’s MBA program develops skilled problem solvers who are able to think sideways, considering problems from multiple angles. The full-time MBA is 20 months long and starts with an introduction to Integrative Thinking.

#47) Lancaster University Management School

Lancaster’s full-time MBA enables you to reach your full potential by giving you a deeper understanding of how business works. You’ll develop critical thinking skills and participate in action learning by completing three separate real-world business challenges.

#48) Australian School of Business – UNSW Sydney

The AGSM MBA has been consistently ranked as the #1 MBA program in Australia by the Financial Times, Forbes Magazine, and other organizations. The program’s teachers have been recognized for providing ground-breaking contributions to business management practice over the past 25 years.

#49) Fundação Getulio Vargas Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo

The Professional Master’s in Business Administration (MPA) is comparable to an international MBA and is recognized for excellence in the business world. FGV-EAESP also offers the One MBA, which is a partnership with four other business schools around the world.

#50) IPADE Business School – Universidad Panamericana

The full-time IPADE MBA is a 22-month program that will transform you into a business leader through academic education and personal development. The IPADE MBA program will challenge you to expand your thinking and prepare you for a successful leadership career.

If your school doesn’t appear on this list, there is room for improvement in your social media strategy. As social media increases in popularity, more students attempt to interact with schools and gain additional information through these platforms. It’s important to have someone available to monitor and respond to requests made through these channels so you can provide information and answer questions in a timely manner. Note: Are you an international student seeking a MBA in the US without a GRE Requirement? Click here.

Note: If your school is listed and you notice a mistake, please let us know.