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What to Know About AACSB Accreditation

The AACSB (Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business) International is the highest standard of accreditation for business schools in the world. As an international organization, they operate in around 51 countries, and they have accredited 755 different schools. There… Read More

Sustainability & Environmental Compliance MBA Online

A sustainability MBA could be for you if you find value in things in business other than just profits. That is, you are also interested in a positive environmental and social impact. Business professionals with this type of MBA often… Read More

Non-Profit Management MBA Online

Before the establishment of accredited online schools, obtaining a non-profit management MBA degree would usually require an applicant to register and pass the GMAT and or GRE; in addition to having at minimum 2 years of in-class study. Currently however,… Read More

Why Choose a Corporate Finance MBA

Before being able to understand what an MBA in Corporate Finance is and whether or not it is for you, you must first understand the concept of corporate finance itself. Basically, it is described as any decision that could have… Read More

Top 10 Most Social Media Friendly Rankings of Online MBA Schools

For students seeking an online MBA program, one criterion is often the level of interaction available for students. Social media outlets provide a great way for schools to connect with current and prospective students, and many prospective students judge the… Read More

Why Choose a Economics MBA

Holding an MBA in Economics is great for people who want to enter the world of business and make strategic decisions. They often work as senior managers, or they are aspiring entrepreneurs. Either way, the MBA in Economics is the… Read More

Supply Chain Management MBA Online

We are living in a world that is constantly trying to manage supply and demand. Operations around the planet are becoming increasingly complex. This means that companies across all different industries, from technology to consultancy and from manufacturing to retail,… Read More

Entrepreneurship MBA Online

When the first MBA in Entrepreneurship was developed, it became the cause of tremendous debate. And it seems that several years later, this debate is still ongoing. Some question whether there is any point to would-be entrepreneurs going to business… Read More

Hospitality Management MBA Online

Hospitality is a huge and growing global industry. The UN World Tourism Organization has stated that the business volume of tourism is as big or bigger than other large industries, including food products, oil exports and automobiles. Additionally, HVS London… Read More

Healthcare Management MBA Online

The health care industry is going through a period of sustained growth, in part due to health care reforms such as the Affordable Care Act. It is for this reason that all health care professions are interesting, particularly those that… Read More

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