10 Great Habits of Extraordinary Bosses

Many people have stories about the worst bosses they ever had, but what about the best bosses? What sort of behaviors and habits do the best supervisors in business have? This is an important question: Recent research has shown the high economic value of effective supervisors.And of course, having a great boss just makes work much more enjoyable and productive. According to a recent article at Inc.com, there are 10 habits that excellent bosses routinely exhibit in the workplace:

#1 They Collaborate With Their Employees and Do Not Grandstand

Top bosses understand that success is not just about what they accomplish for themselves and get credit for themselves. Great bosses redefine the word ‘success’ so that it encompasses much more than just position, wealth and fame. Great bosses understand that the success of the group is just as important as the accomplishments of the individual.

#2 They Grow Communities, Not Platoons

The extraordinary boss focuses on the essential wants and needs of a work community, and the desire of the group to go from the way it is now to what is possible in the future. This creates a beehive of activity, as more people feel like they are included and they want to pitch in. This allows many people to deal with problems at the center of things, so that changes happens quickly.

#3 They Create Entirely New Realities

A great boss can create a sense that anything is possible. Anyone who has dealt with a major challenge at work knows that it is very important to be around those who can communicate what seems like an impossible task. But, that person sees the hope in all that adversity and can communicate that hope. And, he or she can also communicate how it is possible to get through that adversity and allow the business to move into new markets.

#4 They Can Laugh At Themselves and At Problems

A great boss can use humor to help to reduce tension and to put our work worries into the proper perspective. This allows people to laugh at themselves and the situation before they get into the hard work of making a tough challenge a success. An ability to tell a proper joke at a proper time cuts down on stress in the office and builds camaraderie. This is a big advantage in our fast-paced work environments today.

#5 They Help Their Employees Visualize a Better Future

The best bosses do not just have a strong vision of the future of the company. They have an ability to understand and channel the needs and desires of people. They are able to listen as much as they talk, and they can create a shared vision of the world that motivates everyone, not just the boss. They are able to point to a place in the future that is better and give people the courage to get there.

#6 They Explore New Concepts

They are always eager to be part of the first efforts to ensure that a project will be a success. They help to guide others into new territory and do not try to hog the limelight. They have a strong sense of timing and when they should wait until the kinks in a program have been worked out, but they do not wait too long.

#7 They Are Strong Mentors and Coaches

Great bosses are keenly able to listen and to provide strong advice when it is most needed. They have not sailed through life without dealing with tough challenges and obstacles, and they have good advice to impart and can do it effectively. They also are able to let go of control when you are able to make decisions without them.

#8 They Tell Stories to Inspire Others

They know that a strong story can help to motivate people in a way that a Powerpoint never will. They know that good stories can help to make people grasp how problems can be solved. They are able to use stories to help to close the gap that emails, texting and voicemails leave.

#9 They Integrate Differing Views Into One

The best bosses can see all sides of an issue and they let conflicting parties be heard and acknowledged. They can get a group together with differing individual views and figure out ways to get them all to work as one.

#10 They Always Tell the Truth

Extraordinary bosses do not change their minds to just pacify somebody. However, they will sometimes adjust their opinions if that will help a conflict to get resolved. They do not avoid telling their employees the truth and treat them as adults.

No matter what the industry – high technology or the restaurant business – the best bosses exhibit most of the traits listed above.