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If you want to lead in the degree of health, such as heading a medical office, clinic, or hospital, then you may want to consider completing a Master in Health Administration (MHA) degree. People who hold this type of degree are vital to the proper management of all medical services. According to sources, such as Forbes, obtaining an MHA degree is one of the best career choices you can make if you are interested in the field of health administration.

There are currently some 100,000 individuals who work in the field of health administration. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), they earn an average of $92,810 per year at bachelor’s degree level. Additionally, by 2024, there will be a demand for a further 56,300 administrators, representing a 17% growth from 2014.

The field of healthcare is growing incredibly quickly. Additionally, there has been a public commitment to increasing the level of education of all health care staff across the board. As such, demand for those who are educated to master’s or MBA degree level is increasing rapidly. This is true across the country. However, the number of factors will determine to a great extent just how much you will actually earn. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.


The employer you end up working for will determine, to a great extent, how much you earn as well. The most popular employers are:

  1. Hospitals, employing around 37% of all health care administrators
  2. Doctors’ offices, employing around 10% of all health care administrators
  3. Nursing care facilities, also employing around 10% of all health care administrators
  4. Government, employing around 9% of all health care administrators
  5. Home health care services, employing around 6% of all health care administrators

In a recent survey, the top employers for MHA degree holders were recognized as being:

  1. Wamego City Hospital in Wamego, KS
  2. The Women’s Hospital in Newburgh, IN
  3. Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery in Plano, TX
  4. Weatherby Healthcare in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  5. Impact Advisors in Naperville, IL
  6. CompHealth in Salt Lake City, UT
  7. ZocDoc in New York, NY
  8. LiquidAgents Healthcare in Plano, TX
  9. Hayes Management Consulting in Newton Center, MA
  10. Southern Ohio Medical Center in Portsmouth, OH

Geographical Location

Another very important factor that will determine your salary is where you work in terms of geographical location. The following states have the highest demand for MHA degree holders, and therefore often pay the most as well:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Illinois
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Michigan
  6. New Jersey
  7. New York
  8. North Carolina
  9. Ohio
  10. Pennsylvania

In terms of cities, the best places to work are:

  1. Cincinnati, OH
  2. Columbus, OH
  3. Philadelphia, PA
  4. Pittsburgh, PA
  5. San Antonio, TX
  6. Austin, TX

Job Titles

The table below highlights some of the best paying job roles that are available to those with an MHA degree.

Job TitleJob DescriptionSalary
Hospital CEOAs a hospital CEO, you will make sure that the hospital you run operates in a cost effective manner. You will usually also have a strong focus on finances and budgets, working together with the CFO. You must find ways to save money across the board, while at the same time keeping the standard of quality of care as high as possible.$166,000
Hospital AdministratorAs a hospital administrator, you will work largely behind the scenes. Your goal is to ensure each facility within your organization operates efficiently. You could find work in outpatient clinics, hospitals, or nursing homes, for instance. You will be responsible for policy development, budget development, hiring doctors, promoting new treatments, dealing with patient services, ensuring compliance, and more.$110,000
Hospital CFOIn this role, you will manage the finances of the hospital. This includes keeping records, future planning, negotiating new contracts, and budgeting. You will work closely together with the CEO, to whom you will report your financial findings.$155,000
Pharmaceutical Product ManagerYou master in healthcare administration will also allow you to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Usually, your focus will be on analyzing investments, coming up with new product promotions, reviewing market data, and more. Generally speaking, you will also have to have some experience in consultancy and leadership.$92,000
Medical Practice ManagerIn this role, you will do virtually the same things as a hospital administrator, but for a medical practice, which is much smaller in size. Your focus will be on billing, budgets, managing staff, hiring staff, HIPAA compliance, legal compliance, ordering supplies, and managing schedules.$81,000
Health Informatics ManagerIn this role, you will be employed by a medical organization and you will hold responsibility for the flow of information, making sure it is completely efficient. All the details that you receive must be sent to the right place within the organization. You must also make sure that the organization’s hardware and software work properly and that they process data the right way.$84,000

As you can see, obtaining a master/MBA in healthcare administration opens up a range of interesting career opportunities. At the same time, however, there is no clear cut answer to just how much you can earn if you hold an MHA. If you do want to choose a degree in this field, therefore, you should not do it on the basis of salary online. There are so many factors that are of influence in terms of what you will earn, that there are simply no guarantees. You will, however, always be able to earn more than if you only hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. You will also be able to hold roles with more responsibilities.

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