Highest Paying Management Jobs & Careers

The highest paying jobs in the management field for people with an MBA are in the healthcare field, the emerging energy fields, financial management companies and the consulting areas. As of 2011, the highest paying of these areas was the healthcare area.

If you want to earn a high salary with your MBA, be sure to consider these employment areas:

#1 Healthcare Management

Hospital administration is a very high paying field, and usually requires a MBA degree with specialization in Healthcare Management.  Other jobs in that field include healthcare planners, hospital comptrollers, people with the ability to research the future needs of their medical community, anticipating future trends in medical practice, and working in finance of the medical field, and, of course, jobs will be needed to ensure compliance with the new Affordable Care Act which will include people with expertise in insurance compliance, and a knowledge of the legal requirements of the new law as it is enacted.

#2 Management Jobs in the Emerging Energy Fields

Jobs in this area include planning for future energy needs, working in the financial department of energy companies, developing financing for “green” energy projects, personnel management in energy related companies, ensuring compliance with government rules and regulations, especially those of the Environmental Protection Agency, which would involve knowledge of environmental regulations on top of knowledge of the energy company’s financial needs and abilities and shortfalls. This would include people with an MBA with majors in a wide spectrum of areas from accounting, personnel management, and finance, amongst others.

#3 Management Jobs in Manufacturing Companies

There are many jobs in different aspects of the manufacturing industry, varying from financial management, personnel management, research and development, and the coordination of all of those.  These industries need people who are able to forecast the needs of the company in both finance and in which projects would be financially advantageous for the company to pursue and which to avoid.  There are jobs involved with expanding companies or determining when it is necessary for a company to retract some of its expenditures and best they might do that.

#4 Jobs in Financial Management

Small or regional banks are coming to be, in some cases, a preferable first area to work in rather than MBA graduates heading straight to Wall Street jobs. In the last year or two the number of MBA graduates heading straight to Wall Street has greatly decreased due to cutbacks in compensation and job stability, and the graduates are instead heading to the smaller financial institutions, which might start with a smaller salary, but have far greater job stability at this time, and a greater chance of eventual job advancement with higher salary.  Also, many of the regional branches have jobs for stockbrokers at a beginning level, which offer much in the way of amenities that would not be found if the person walked on Wall Street.

#5 Consulting Jobs

This area would include jobs such as financial advisors, giving advice to people as to how to invest their money, whether in bonds, stocks, or other investments. Another possibility would be consulting jobs with various companies in the individual’s area of expertise, which can include jobs of very short duration to jobs of extended tenure, in a very wide spectrum of subject areas. The job category could also involve working with various governmental agencies on short-term or long term projects, in many different facets, from financing, to determining manpower needs, closing government facilities, many different civil service jobs, the list is endless.

Another possibility in the consulting area would be working as a business manager or agent for celebrities or athletes, which could prove very demanding, but would also have a very good salary if the individual was satisfied with your work.