Why Choose an Acquisitions MBA

Professionals with an MBA in Acquisitions usually work in contracting, developing and procuring products and services for many types of businesses and corporations. MBA programs in acquisitions are not as common as other concentrations, but people with this type of specialized MBA degree will find themselves in strong demand in many companies around the world.

What We Do

Professionals with this MBA degree work mostly in private companies in the areas of financial accounting, financial management, business management processes, and logistics.

Acquisitions are extremely important for both private companies and public entities, as all of these organizations must have appropriate systems and acquisition management processes in place to function profitably and efficiently.

You also may work in contract management as well as acquisitions, where you will examine and negotiate contracts before you approve them. This type of work involves creating evaluation methods to make sure that the contracted work is being done on time and that payments are coming in as they should.

Why It’s Hot

Earning your MBA in acquisitions is a wise choice because companies need to manage their finances and acquisitions more carefully than ever to maximize profits in such a competitive global economy. Earning this degree will give you a leg up for many hot jobs such as:

  • Financial manager
  • Acquisitions manager
  • Financial analyst

Work Environment

Most professionals with an MBA in acquisitions work in a classic office environment. This is mostly the same whether you work for a private or public entity. This type of MBA will require you to work a great death with other people, as you are ensuring that products and payments etc are being made in a timely fashion.

How to Do It

To earn an acquisitions MBA, you will need to finish your bachelor’s degree and then apply to an online or in person MBA program. MBA degree programs in this speciality are not as common, so you may need to do a good deal of searching to find the right program for you.

Many MBA schools will require you to first pass the GMAT examination with an acceptable score before you can be admitted. You will also need to have business-related classes in your background as well as algebra, accounting, and business management courses.

One option is to earn your online MBA in acquisitions, and in some cases you may be able to not take any standardized tests to be admitted.

Online Acquisitions MBA Programs

  1. *Online Master of Science in Acquisition and Contract Management Bellevue University Contract and acquisitions specialists are needed today to obtain goods and services for business operations or to resell product to customers. This Master of Science degree will help you to become highly skilled in contracts and acquisitions. You will have the knowledge and skills that you need to be successful in business, military or government acquisition and contract management roles. With this two year, 100% online master’s degree, you will have the skills to manage, supervise and develop procedures and policies that involve procuring supplies, services R&D and construction. The curriculum in this program also can help you to get your Level II or III Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act certification.
  2. *Online Master of Business Administration with Acquisition Management Concentration – American Graduate University – This two year, online and accredited MBA program will provide you with a broad-based education in acquisitions and business operations who want to advance their careers in a growing field. This program will provide you with a strong management perspective and focuses on how to solve the most difficult and pressing business problems in the area of acquisitions and contract management. This demanding curriculum will give you an advanced teaching in the methodologies, concepts and techniques that you need to manage acquisitions and contracting in large public and private organizations.
  3. *Online Master of Science in Management – Acquisition and Contract Management – Florida Institute of Technology – This online Master of Science in Management program is designed to arm you with the strategic decision making skills that you need to excel in management positions in any company in the world. This degree program drills down into detail on procurement, contract negotiations, subcontract formulation and cost principles, and other topics related to contract management and acquisition. The primary objective of this two year, accredited online degree program is to meet the tough demands of working business professionals who want to earn upper management roles in their public or private organization.
  4. *Online Master of Contract ManagementAmerican Graduate University –  This online master’s program is made for business professionals whose organizations want them to have advanced degrees so they can be more productive when they bid for government business and to also ensure the best possible contract performance. This degree program is especially suited to give you a deep understanding of the intricacies of federal government contracting. You will learn about the core principles of procurement and acquisition, as well as vital points about law, operations, finance, marketing and technical management. This program will be very beneficial for business professionals who work with private companies that contract with the federal government.
  5. *Online Master of Science in Acquisition and Contract AdministrationUniversity of West Florida – No matter if you have experience in acquisition and contract management, or are just getting your feet wet, you must have advanced training in this complex field to provide the best results for your organization. After you finish this two year program, you will be able to meet all of the challenges of contract and acquisition processes with many federal government agencies, and also civilian agencies that contract with the US government. Most of the professionals who earn this demanding Master of Science degree work for private organizations that contract with the federal government, and want to improve their skills at negotiating government contracts.

Pros & Cons

Earning your MBA or master’s degree in acquisitions and/or contract management will open any doors in your business career.


  • This is a very specialized degree that will give you a unique set of skills that will stand out among other applicants.
  • You likely will be able to command a higher salary in a management role with this online degree.
  • You will study finance and accounting, which are excellent subjects to study to round out your business education.


  • Getting an MBA or master’s degree while you are working full time is difficult.
  • This is a specialized business degree that may not be applicable to other business areas other than acquisitions and contract management.
  • Most helpful for people who work for companies that contract with government agencies.

Financial Aid

Here are several scholarships that can help to pay for your graduate business degree:

  • Prospanica Scholarships: This scholarship offers Hispanic US citizens or green card holders from $2500 to $10,000 to attend an MBA program of their choice.
  • NBMBAA Graduate Scholarship Program: This $1000 to $15000 scholarship is for National Black MBA Assn. members who are planning to enroll in any MBA program in the US or Canada.
  • Toigo MBA Fellowship: A $2500 scholarship for ethnic minorities that are accepted into any two year MBA program.
  • NABA Scholarship: A $1000 to $10000 scholarship for ethnic minorities that are enrolled in any full time business program, including MBA and management degrees.

Career Paths

There are several exciting career possibilities for a professional with this type of MBA degree:

  • Contract management: Manage state and federal agency contracts from your management position within your private organization.
  • Purchasing manager: Manage the purchase and acquisition of products and services in your public or private organization.
  • Business manager: Some professionals with this degree can work more generally as business managers in many types of companies.
  • Contract development manager: This type of role is especially common for private organizations that interface regularly with federal agencies.

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