Why People Want to Work at Big Tech Firms

Tech companies often get lots of hype for all of the perks of working there. This is probably why several of them made the best employers list in America, based upon data from Payscale.com.

Google has the #2 slot out of 200 companies, with 81% saying they have a high level of job satisfaction working there. Yahoo was ranked #8 with the employees saying that 72% were satisfied.

Other companies on the best places to work list include Microsoft at #14, Symantec at #26, Intel at #40 and Apple at #55.

Why are these firms so great to work for? Many of them understand that offering major perks is a great way to attract the most productive work talent. Google is one of the leaders in this area. The firm gives you breakfast, lunch and dinner with no charge in all global offices. Celebrity chefs often show up and provide five star meals to employees.

Also, Google has bocce courts, bowling alleys, a rink for roller hockey, wellness centers and masseuses.

To stay on top of current trends and to retain their talent, Google has a culture czar whose job is to keep the core value at Google and to make sure that there is happiness all through the company.

Google’s Larry Page has stated in interviews that when you treat people well, you get a high level of productivity. Rather than thinking about what hours you worked, you care about what is produced. He says that Google’s employees are happy and more productive, and this is very important in maintaining high productivity.

Some of the perks help employees to interact with each other. Every week, employees in many departments gather around a snack bar area and welcome new people to the company and socialize with each other.

Google also provides a free work shuttle for its employees in addition to free meals.

Another company that is well known for its company culture is Yahoo. The new CEO is from Google and provides free food and smart phones to staff. Employees also receive free movie tickets, car rentals, rebates and more.

Other big tech companies are starting to do similar big perks. Microsoft employees are given access to an organic spa, and a company mall that has 14 restaurants, stores and banks. Evernote pays for the house cleaning services of employees, Zappos provides free laughter yoga classes, and you can wear a tank top on Tuesdays. Facebook now provides free laundry service, hair styling and dry cleaning.

Big tech firms also offer big benefits that help to keep employees happy and to stay where they are. At Google, if an employee dies, the spouse is entitled to 50% of what they earned at Google every year for the next 10 years. Their children also get $1000 every month until they turn 23, if they are a full time student.

Employees who have same sex partners also get the same health benefits as heterosexual couples do. Google also gives new moms 5 months of maternity leave with a full paycheck.

Yahoo gives its employees $5000 for adoption expenses, and Intel offers free tutoring to employees’ children.

Of course, the salaries at these companies also make them very good to work for. The median pay for experienced employees at Yahoo is $120,000 and at Google it is $119,000.

In short, a strong corporate culture that is designed for employee happiness produces happy and loyal employees. The more satisfied employees are, the more productive they are, and more likely they will stay with the company.

If you are thinking about earning your MBA and are interested in technology, you should definitely aim for working for one of these big tech companies.