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25 CEOs All MBA’s Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter is one of the world’s coolest social media platforms, not in the least because it enables you to get in touch with people who have significant influences in the world and who you would otherwise never be able to… Read More

How to Choose the Best MBA Degree

If you want to complete an MBA degree, you have a lot of things to think about. There are universities all over the world that you could enroll with, and they offer different curricula, concentrations, delivery models, and more. Hence,… Read More

Types of Business Degrees

Have a quick look around you. Every single item that is in your home, unless you have made it yourself, is based on an entire industry. Each industry, meanwhile, has a whole business behind it. This is a hugely complex… Read More

Types of Finance Degrees

If you want to have a career in finance, or improve your existing career, you may want to consider enrolling in a finance degree. However, the term ‘degree in finance’ is quite vague because there are various types. All of… Read More

Types of MBA Degrees

If you are considering enrolling in an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program, it is important that you understand the different types. This will enable you to ensure that your chosen program actually meets your personal goals, needs, and requirements…. Read More

50 Awesome Things You Can Do with a Business Management MBA Degree

The MBA (Master in Business Administration) is becoming an increasingly popular degree. It is very prestigious and greatly increases someone’s employment and earning potential. An MBA degree holder is respected for the ability to manage all facets of an organization,… Read More

Do Millennials Make the Best Entrepreneurs?

Share and Discuss: (Copy Paste This Code) Many people believe Millennials have the entrepreneurial mentality without the experience (and guts) to be leading entrepreneurs Agree or Disagree?—Facts Are Facts Entrepreneurship is lower among Millennials than it is for Gen Xers… Read More

MBA Degree in Healthcare FAQ

The MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the most prestigious degrees in the world. It equips graduates with business management skills that can be applied across a range of industries. In that, however, also lies the only… Read More

Healthcare Management vs Administration

Healthcare management and healthcare administration seem like two very similar disciplines, because they are. They are two functions that are responsible for the overall management of the healthcare system. In fact, CAHME (the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management… Read More

Healthcare MBA vs MHA vs MPH Degree

If you want to work in the field of healthcare, but you don’t want to hold a clinical role, then you may want to consider healthcare administration. In this role, you will have a strong and direct impact on the… Read More

Typical Curriculum for Healthcare MBA

Completing a Healthcare MBA will set you on the path to become a top business executive and administrator in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations. The MBA is classed as a generalist degree, but because it has increased so much… Read More

MBA Job Search

If we’re honest, the main reason to obtain your MBA is to enhance your career prospects. By enrolling in an MBA program, you hope to obtain the skills and credentials necessary to land your dream position. To help you out,… Read More

MBA Resumes

Applying to an MBA program means that you will to beat out a significant amount of competition. Wharton, for example, received 6,590 applicants for their MBA Class of 2017 and accepted only 861 students (a 13 percent admittance rate). Harvard… Read More

MBA Networking

Whether you’re an aspiring MBA student, a current one, or an alumni, networking is one of the most important things you can do. In fact, it’s so important that the President of the New York Stock Exchange, Tom Farley once… Read More

Qualifications for Masters In Healthcare

One of our nation’s biggest industries is that of health care. In fact, it is one of the biggest industries in the world. Because the baby boom generation is reaching retirement age, and because the population is aging and requiring… Read More

How to Choose an Online MBA Program

MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees are incredibly popular and are known to have a lot of benefits. The Graduate Management Admission Council completed a report in 2014 that indicated that 90% of graduates felt their MBA had been an… Read More

Top 25 Scholarships for Business MBA Students

A lot of people think that an MBA is out of their league because of the cost that is involved. It is certainly true that MBAs are expensive degrees, particularly if they are also AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools… Read More

Masters Degree in Accounting Salary

If you earn a master’s degree in accounting (MAcc), then you will learn how to manage and record financial transactions, organize records, make sure taxation laws are complied with, balance budgets and more. While many people hold a bachelor’s degree,… Read More

List of Accounting Careers & Job Outlook

Deciding to enter a career in accounting is an excellent idea. This is because accountants will always be in demand, and there is also a lot of potential for growth, both within companies and by moving between companies. The list… Read More

Masters in Accounting FAQ

A master’s in accounting is a very interesting degree program, and one that can take you to many places. However, before you decide to make the significant investment, in terms of both time and money, into this degree, you may… Read More

The Value of an MBA Degree: Is it Worth It?

Investing in the future by pursuing an MBA isn’t a decision that today’s prospects can take lightly. The associated costs of Business school and the time spent in the classroom instead of in the workforce are strong factors that many… Read More

25 Blogs to Help Stay Smart on the Economy

Do you need some advice and tips on how to keep up on economic matters? Try these great 25 blogs below! #1 Greg Manikiw’s Blog Manikiw is a Harvard professor and chair of the economics department, and manages this blog… Read More

Average Tuition and Educational Attainment in the United States

One of the top concerns in the political arena today is student debt. That’s regardless of political affiliation, and it’s a consistent concern for millennials across the board, with very few exceptions. It seems that no one is happy about… Read More

Masters In Business vs MBA

It can be really difficult to choose between graduate degrees in a business related field and the Master of Business Administration (MBA). The MBA has been available for quite some time, and has long been hailed as the most prestigious… Read More

Masters in Healthcare Administration vs MBA

Any decision to pursue an advanced degree will take some careful consideration. It’s essential to ensure that you choose a degree that will teach you the skills you need to get the job you want, or advance further in your… Read More

Making Your MBA Work at Work

An MBA is a special degree… and completing an MBA while working full-time is quite an accomplishment. Some leadership roles require an MBA or advanced degree. In other cases, an MBA may cause your resume to stand out. In all… Read More

Useful MBA Scholarship & Financing Resources

In This Section MBA Scholarships Calculator Tools Private Lenders Grants/Alternative Options Additional Resources Deciding to obtain an MBA is a major obligation. You’re going to spend a great deal of time and effort in and out of the classroom over… Read More

50 Useful Resources for Starting a Small Business

Starting a new business takes courage. You can take that leap with greater confidence when you have the right resources. To start you on your path, we’ve gathered the 50 best internet resources for small business startups: General Information The… Read More

Leadership 101

It may seem simple, but the term “leadership” can be viewed in many different ways. It doesn’t have anything to do with one’s position at a company, and it’s not related to seniority. Leadership isn’t necessarily the same as management,… Read More

Average MBA Degree Salary + Outlook

Table of Contents Introduction Salary Before and After Your MBA Factors Affecting Salary Grad School Focus How to Research Salaries Popular MBA Career Paths The Value of Your MBA How to Talk Salary in Your Job Search + Video Remember,… Read More

High School Preparation for a Career in Business

The high school years are an important foundation of preparation for college and a career. Although students often want to enjoy the social and sports aspects of high school, academics must be a priority. Without a focus on academics, you… Read More

Online MBA with No GMAT 2016

Earning your MBA is still an excellent way to accelerate your career and to earn a higher salary. In the past, most of the best online MBA programs required you to take the GMAT or GRE to be considered for… Read More

How to Start and Run Your Own Business

Starting a small business is exciting, but it can also be daunting. Before you hit the ground running with your newest venture, it’s important that you have a plan and the resources to make it successful. Defining your business and… Read More

Guide to Ethical Values in Businesses

When asked what makes a business great, many people will think of a product, marketing campaign, or profit margin that helps the company stand out in some way. These are all valid answers, but one of the most important aspects… Read More

50 Super Free Resources for MBA Students

Being an MBA student is no easy task. There’s lectures to attend, papers to write, and exams to pass. To help you out, we gathered 50 of the Internet’s best free resources for MBA students:  Productivity & Writing Tools… Read More

Undergrad and Graduate School Differences

Going from an undergrad program to a graduate program is a lot easier than many people expect. Because graduate school is meant to be more difficult from an academic standpoint, there are many differences that make it a bit easier… Read More

Studying for the GMAT Exam

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is a standardized test that most business schools and MBA programs require as it measures a person’s academic ability. GMAT scores are important for those looking to be accepted into a competitive school…. Read More

Top 100 Social Media Friendly Chambers Of Commerce 2015

Two years ago, we set out to create a list of the top 100 social media friendly chambers of commerce. Now it’s time for an update. State and local chambers of commerce have been providing valuable networking opportunities for members… Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Business Plan

For anyone planning to start a small business, writing a business plan is a crucial part of the process. The thought of creating a business plan can be overwhelming as it needs to be a detailed, comprehensive overview of your… Read More

A Guide to Choosing a Business Structure

There are many people that dream of starting their own business and becoming their own boss but often people don’t know where to start. One of the first things that needs to be done when starting a business is choosing… Read More

Kids Reference for Business and Money Math

Childhood is the perfect time for kids to learn important skills for managing finances. Once youngsters reach independence, they will need to understand everything involved with budgeting, saving, investing, using credit, and spending responsibly. Corporate incentive cards and loyalty programs… Read More

Exploring The Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Starting a business takes a lot of work and entrepreneurship is not necessarily for everyone. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have what it takes to become a leader. Many successful entrepreneurs share a variety of… Read More

What Do Banks Look For When Lending Small-Business Loans?

Although lending guidelines can vary for different banks, most lenders have similar requirements. Borrowers need to have a quality business purpose in mind for the loan. Business owners need to have a positive credit history, experience, and good character. Lenders… Read More

Top 5 Online MBA Programs in California

More and more people are becoming interested in earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) because it is such a prestigious degree that opens many different career doors. An MBA is a graduate degree that focuses on the various foundations… Read More

20 Best Online Business Schools from Non-Profits

More and more people are becoming interested in attending a business school in order to earn an MBA – Master of Business Administration. This is a highly prestigious degree that will open new career doors as well as increase the… Read More

50 Best Paying Careers for MBA Grads

Recruitment for MBA graduates in the United States is thriving. Matt Symondsreports of a robust MBA recruitment situation in spite of the economic crisis. Corporate resourcing departments and business schools in North America, Western Europe, Latin America, and the Asia… Read More

5 Great LinkedIn Groups for Sports Managers

Sports management professionals that are looking for a way to stay in the know when it comes to their particular industry or who are looking for new employment opportunities, recruitment options, or who are just interested in networking will find… Read More

Best Online MBA MHA Dual Degree Programs

Many health administration jobs deal with the effective functioning and operations of various health care organizations, including clinics, doctors’ offices and hospitals. The professionals who lead these organizations are leaders of all of these types of institutions. They are responsible… Read More

Top 100 Social Media Friendly Chambers of Commerce

Use this Badge on Your Website For chambers of commerce, which for years have built their memberships by providing networking opportunities and business training, social media is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it makes networking easier,… Read More

Top 10 Highest Paying MBA Careers

One of the major benefits of an MBA is that you can go in so many different career directions with it. Part of this is due to the fact that many graduate schools now offer MBA programs with many different… Read More

5 Great LinkedIn Groups for Operations Management

The individuals who are primarily responsible for the day-to-day efficiency and effectiveness of a business are generally the members of the operations management team. These individuals are responsible for a wide variety of duties and are often interested in recruiting… Read More

40+ Free Online MBA Courses & Certificates

In today’s world, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good education. As more schools strive to offer convenient, flexible education options for students, free online courses are becoming increasingly popular. Many top mba schools and adult… Read More

7+ Best Florida MBA Degree Programs

Earning your MBA is a smart way to improve your career prospects and to increase your salary. Getting that MBA from a good business school with a strong reputation may help you to quickly transition from a mid level management… Read More

100+ Free Business & Entrepreneur Courses

The quality of education you can get online is constantly improving as the world’s best schools continue to pump life in their distance learning programs, and the long-standing institutions take pains to keep up. Several universities are even opening their… Read More

28+ Dual Online MBA MPA Programs

Professionals who earn their MBA and MPA in dual degree program have an unusual and in demand skill set. They have the skills to excel in a nonprofit or government workplace environment, where profits are not a primary motivator. Yet… Read More

22+ Free Online Entrepreneur Courses

Now is a great time to seek out ways to enhance your skills as an entrepreneur online. Whether the economy is in recession or in recovery, entrepreneurs are the people who have the greatest opportunities to enhance both their income… Read More

15 Free Online Courses To Foster Innovation & Creativity

No matter what your plans are in life, it is important to use innovation and creativity to get there. It is very difficult to resolve today’s complex and ever-changing challenges without a good dose of creativity as part of your… Read More

Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly International MBA Schools

There’s no question that social media is important. People use it for just about everything now, including searching for the right MBA school or program. The staff of Online MBA recently put together an article ranking the top 100… Read More

29+ Best Online MBA Dual Degree Options

The rise of the dual degree program has been a recent phenomenon created by many business schools to enable them to stand out against the other business schools each fighting for the students that apply each year. According to an… Read More

30+ Most Affordable MBA Programs Online Under 30K

There is no doubt about it. Earning your MBA is one of the most effective ways to increase your income potential in business. The great news today is there are a growing number of solid online MBA programs that not… Read More

10 Things All MBA’s Can Learn From Starbucks

There are so many things that are admirable about Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks. His upbringing in the housing projects of Brooklyn, his playing football in college at Northern Michigan University, his inspiration to open an espresso bar… Read More

Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly Fortune 500 Companies

Why is social media so important? It provides an easy way to build relationships with your customers—to get feedback, share useful information, and address customer service issues quickly and effectively. By listening to customers and responding quickly to their concerns,… Read More

4 Things Zen Master Phil Jackson Can Teach You About Your MBA Career

Phil Jackson is one of the most successful basketball coaches in the history of the NBA. Jackson has won 11 NBA titles as head coach, and he also played on two NBA championship teams in 1970 and 1973. Jackson has… Read More

50 Twitter Accounts For Every MBA Student

Twitter is a great source for the latest business and leadership news if you know where to look. Here are 50 Twitter accounts every MBA student should follow. 1. 30 Second MBA Run by Fast Company, 30 Second MBA offers quick… Read More

50 Business Clichés to Avoid Overusing in Business School

Every profession has its lexicon, and it is unavoidable to resort to the jargon of your concentration. Still, when words and phrases are overused, they lose their meaning, and may have the undesired side-effect of making the user look like… Read More

10 Things All MBA’s Can Learn About Branding from Kat Cole

Kat Cole, the current President of the Cinnabon brand, has done a very good job at managing and expanding the growth of the brand during her tenure with the company. The tough challenge was taking a brand associated most often… Read More

Highest Paying Wall Street Careers

There are quite a few areas in which MBA holders employed on Wall Street jobs make very nice pay. Most of these jobs are in the area of hedge fund management, financial analysis, and credit risk management.  A large percentage… Read More

33+ Online Master’s in Finance Degree Programs

The finance component of all businesses and industry plays a vital role in the success and growth of that unit. By using the various tools and reports generated to maintain the strength of the business, finance professionals become uniquely able… Read More

9 Surprising Ways MBA Schools are Making It Easier to Apply

Applying to an MBA program is a long and drawn out process, and for good reason: this is the first of many important projects you will oversee. The application process requires preparation, assessment, writing a convincing statement, and obtaining letters… Read More

5 Critical Mistakes MBA Students Make In the Application Process

Writing essays, sweating through interviews, filling out applications, and commissioning letters of recommendation can leave you frazzled, especially in today’s competitive market. One way to set yourself apart is to educate yourself on some of the more common ways applicants… Read More

Online MBA MSN Dual Degree

RNs who earn both their MSN and MBA simultaneously are in an excellent position to work in both the clinical and business environments. Nurses who have extensive clinical experience find that with their MBA, they are able to transition into… Read More

Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly MBA Schools for 2013

How do prospective students find more information about the colleges they are considering? Increasingly, they are turning to social media. From watching videos on YouTube to asking quick questions on Twitter, students expect to be able to interact with schools… Read More

AACSB Accredited Online MBA

The AACSB (Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business) International is the highest standard of accreditation for business schools in the world. As an international organization, they operate in around 51 countries, and they have accredited 755 different schools. There… Read More

5 Things All MBA’s Can Learn From Ronald Shaich of Panera Breads

Ronald Shaich is the cofounder and chairman of Panera Bread Company, and was the CEO until 2010. He has grown the company from a mere $24 million in 1993 to revenues of $1.8 billion per year, with 1550 locations in… Read More

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