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10+ Top Paying Healthcare Careers

January 24, 2013 2:49 pm

The field of healthcare management has been booming for years now, and with the forecasted changes to our healthcare system, the demand for people to fill these positions will continue to boom.

Candidates who have a Healthcare Management MBA will find themselves in a very advantageous position when being considered for any of the positions in the healthcare industry. The following listing contains the national average salary, as found on, for the 10 highest paying healthcare jobs & careers for MBA’s:

#1 Chief Financial Officer:  $137,531

The CFO is the ultimate finance-related position in the entire organization. For all issues of finance, this person is responsible. This includes budgets, forecasting, and planning for the facilities, for the medical professionals, and all functions of the hospital’s ability to meet current and future financial obligations. Many of the financial dealings in a hospital have to do with insurance policies, insurance payments, and government funded insurances, for the hospital as well as the patients. Aligning all of the various sources of payment and the various sources of services provided all must be managed and coordinated.

#2 Hospital President:  $124,106

The hospital President relies heavily on all of the department directors doing their jobs effectively. The role of the hospital President is to do the strategic directing and leading that keeps the hospital on the desired track. This involves both internally communicating with all levels of leadership that serve as direct reports, but also in answering to the board of directors and board of trustees who require information for their functioning. He would also need to track all performance indicators against established standards to guarantee compliance in all areas.

#3 Healthcare Consultant:  $115,716

This person would enter a healthcare facility with the intention of identifying and resolving current issues that are harming the efficient operations of the whole system. This could involve designing products to improve patient satisfaction, reduce billing times, designing materials for training of employees, and bring these changes to a successful implementation.

#4 Pharmaceuticals Project Manager:  $105,172

As part of the process for becoming eligible to be sold in the US, pharmaceutical companies are required to conduct trials  and followup research on the proper functioning of the medication. The project manager coordinates all of the elements of the trials and ensures appropriate documentation and fulfilling of all necessary regulatory requirements. Keeping all parts of the process on time and on track is their key responsibility. They can be utilized to help improve the efficiency of the flow.

#5 Services Director:  $98,185

The services director performs the function of overseeing the services being provided in a given hospital or medical facility.  They work to maintain schedules and resolve issues causing obstacles to those services. They have direct reports that are department managers, and are essential in coordinating the efforts of the various interests of the services. It is also important to track performance and delivery of service to maintain legal standards established for medical care.

#6 Hospital Administrator:  $97,544

The hospital administrator is the one person that coordinates the  activities across all aspects of the hospital operations. Speaking between different functions is also essential for problem solving and conflict resolution as all functions strive to provide the best service to their customers. The administrator would also represent the hospital to the community at large, and to work to create and maintain a positive image.

#7 Practice Manager:  $95,165

The personnel, bookkeeping, and front desk functions are all supervised by the practice manager. They would report to the director and be responsible for leading the staff, directing them when changes are necessary, and ensure that established policies are being followed by employees. The employees that would report to the practice manager are responsible for all of the data that is used to generate the financial reports that the executives use for strategy and decision making, so it would be essential that they were accurate.

#8 Health Informatics Manager:  $93,231

A health informatics manager would be responsible for the managing of the healthcare being provided in a given hospital or medical facility with the information technology that used to provide it. By using data analysis techniques, they are able to make judgements and decision on the facts specific to their particular customers and their particular location.  This can help guide medical decisions for one client, or make system-wide changes to rid waste or inefficiency from their facility.

#9 Health Services Manager:  $90,332

This career primarily deals with managing the functioning of medical facilities of all sizes.They make sure to allocate for upcoming needs as well as coordinating the many practitioners to ensure top quality care. This position requires monitoring of all performance date to make improvements in areas that are functioning below established goals. The maintaining of all records and being aware of current regulations also is an area the health services manager would be responsible.

#10 Wellness Director:  $88,275

This position is primarily part of a large hospital network that has facilities for health and wellness. The director manages all functions of that health center and maximizes its functioning. They design programs for members of the community or employees interested in improving their health through a more active lifestyle. In addition, this person would coordinate the physical therapy function, which are normally also present in these locations. This involves communicating with local physicians and surgeons for scheduling and adequately servicing the clients that they have. The director is also responsible for the maintaining of staff to run the center.

With all of these positions, your prospects are much improved with the successful completion of an advanced degree, such as an MBA. The healthcare specialty on the MBA is listed as one of the best MBA concentrations & specializations for 2013. The number of online MBA programs provided these days is always growing and can offer choices for nearly every circumstance.


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