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General Business MBA Online

June 1, 2015 10:21 pm

The MBA in General Business is usually referred to as just an MBA. However, as more and more specializations become available within the MBA degree programs, some have started to add the “General Business” title at the end of the degree program. These degrees are offered by business schools all over the world and are highly prestigious.

What We Do

MBA degree holders tend to take up positions of senior management in all kinds of different organizations. This includes for-profit businesses, government organizations, educational establishments, not-for-profit companies and charities. They can get to work in any industry as well, from construction to finance. It is a very broad degree that allows for a variety of careers. Generally, however, the role of those with an MBA degree in General Business is to manage all operations within a business. As the business grows, they may start to hold responsibility for a single department rather than the entire organization, and it is for this reason that there are now so many specializations within the MBA degree program.

Why It’s Hot

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) conducted a survey in 2008 that showed students who completed an MBA would also experience a 39% increase in salary. This means that an MBA is a very wise investment, since 70% of students are also able to receive financial aid for it. A rapid return on investment can be achieved, in other words.

Furthermore, the survey showed that 90% of graduates felt that they had receive excellent value for money. This was particularly true for those who completed the degree online. It seems, therefore, that you will gain a lot of personal and professional satisfaction out of obtaining this degree.

The MBA in General Business is particularly interesting for women. The GMAT exam, which is an examination that shows readiness to enter business school, was completed by 104,880 women in 2009. This was the first time that more than 100,000 women took part in it. Additionally, over half of all GMAT participants came from different countries.

Today, many schools are moving away from such standardized tests and are relying on other methods to screen candidates, such as work experience. See our featured list of some of the most affordable and best online mba programs without the GMAT or GRE.

Work Environment

In almost all cases, those with an MBA degree will work in an office. They are responsible for the management and administration of a business, which is in the main a paper-based task. However, they will also often have to meet with external suppliers and contacts, as well as manage a number of staff members. As a result, someone with an MBA is likely to spend quite some time away from the desk working with those at the grass roots level.

How to Do It

In order to obtain an MBA, you will first need to complete a bachelor’s degree, which takes four years to accomplish. With an MBA in General Business, your bachelor’s major is not overly relevant. However, admissions to MBA programs are very competitive. Hence, besides doing well on your GMAT exam, you will generally also be expected to have completed a number of courses, such as statistics and algebra, at the undergraduate level. Furthermore, you will usually have to submit an essay, personal statement and resume. It is recommended, therefore, that you apply to a number of different schools in order to increase your chances of being admitted.

Studying towards an MBA in General Business can be done online or on campus. One particular on campus option you may want to consider is the MBA program offered by Stanford University. Indeed, this program was ranked best in the country by the most recent U.S. News & World Report 2015. This program is designed to change lives and organizations and, thereby, change the world.

MBA in General Business Online

Most people who are considering studying towards an MBA are already employed. This is one of the many reasons why they would prefer to study online. Additionally, studying online means that you can enroll with the university of your choice, whether that university is around the corner from you or on the other side of the world. Online options are convenient and, in many cases, more affordable.


  1. *Online MBA Masters in BusinessWashington State University – Public research university with more than 55 years of experience delivering graduate management education and more than 20 years of offering online degree programs. As a pioneer in online education, WSU is expertly qualified to provide students with an interactive online experience through which they can learn, grow, and become the next generation of Cougar leaders. U.S. News & World Report has consistently ranked the WSU Carson College of Business among the Top 25 Best Online Graduate MBA Programs.
  2. *Online Masters in Business MBA – Abilene Christian University – Abilene is a national leader in Christian higher education and a place where students, faculty, staff and alumni make a real difference in the world.
  3. *Online MBANortheastern University Online – Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business is pleased to offer a 100% online MBA. At Northeastern, you can build on your current career success, expand your managerial skills and knowledge base, and put your new learning to use in your place of work. Not only can you gain a solid foundation in all areas of business enterprise, but you can also have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge by selecting a specialization that focuses on your area of interest.
  4. *Online Masters of Business Administration MBA – Indiana Wesleyan University – Ranked #26 of “Best Regional Universities (Midwest)” by U.S. News & World Report. 42-credit-hour graduate program designed to meet the worldwide need for knowledgeable, principle-centered leadership of organizations. Intended to prepare managers as both economic and ethical leaders, the MBA program emphasizes the integration and application of knowledge. Students connect with business; the connection deepens and broadens as the program proceeds.
  5. General Business Online MBANorthcentral University – The MBA degree with a specialization in General Business allows students to select courses from a broad range of electives to fit their personal and professional goals including Corporate Finance, Supervisory Practices, International Economics, Organization and Management.
  6. Online MBA – Kelley School of Business at Indiana University – A 51 credit hour degree program, of which 39 credit hours are core courses. The others are electives, meaning a student can focus their degree on an area they have a personal interest in.
  7. Professional MBAUT Dallas – This program is delivered either online, in flexible methods or through evening classes. As such, anybody is encouraged to obtain their further education.
  8. Online MBA in Global ManagementThunderbird School of Global Management – This is a general business MBA with a specific focus on global management. Graduates are in incredibly high demand as the world of business is becoming increasingly global as well.
  9. Online Master of Business AdministrationWhitman Syracuse University – This is one of the top rated online MBA programs in the country and the faculty team has won numerous awards. It was also rated fifth by the Financial Times. The school also offers a number of areas of specializations in its 54 credit program.
  10. Online UF MBAUniversity of Florida Hough Graduate School of Business – This school is ranked 16th in the country for public business schools. Furthermore, they are ranked 4th for online programs. They offer an MBA to those who are already in employment and want to further their career.
  11. Online Master of Business AdministrationBall State University – This program has also been nationally recognized for its excellence. Furthermore, the school prides itself on its affordability. This means that they offer more people the opportunity to gain a quality education.
  12. Online Master of Business AdministrationNorwich University Online – This university is the oldest military university in the country and they offer highly discounted rates to military personnel. The program has also been recognized as one of the best online programs in the country. The relevance of the curriculum is very broad, which allows for unbounded opportunity.
  13. Online Executive MBAWashington State University – This executive MBA program is comprehensive, connected, flexible and relevant. It focuses on high level, global topics in the field of business. Graduates are able to find employment all over the world.
  14. Online WebMBAGeorgia College – This is a 100% online degree program that ranks 25th best in the country for online programs. The college prides itself on its low tuition fees, international experience and applied focus. Additionally, the school has a 62% acceptance rate, which is much higher than most other colleges and universities.
  15. Online MBA ProgramUniversity of Nebraska – Lincoln – This program is ranked 6th best online MBA in the country. It is a traditional degree that has incorporated modern technology by being delivered online. They also offer a number of different specializations.


Pros & Cons

While an MBA is a very prestigious degree, it is not right for everybody. If you are considering enrolling in such a program, you should first consider the associated advantages and disadvantages.


  • You get to build interesting networking relationships that could serve you throughout the rest of your professional life.
  • You may be headhunted into very interesting professional positions, particularly if you excelled during your studies.
  • You have the opportunity to redefine the world of business as a whole, or the organization that you work for.
  • You will be ready to take on a high paying job anywhere in the world.


  • Not all MBAs are created equally. You will only earn high professional standing if you completed your degree in a valuable specialization, or from a highly recognized school.
  • An MBA may be the most knowledgeable degree for business now, it is likely that things will change very soon, as they always do. Hence, there is a chance that you may become obsolete.
  • An MBA is a costly degree both in terms of time and money.
  • Working hours for MBA degree holders tend to be long and the chance of burnout is high.

Financial Aid

Career Paths

With an MBA, you can take on a huge variety of different roles for all sorts of different companies and organizations. However, some of the hottest jobs available today include:

  • Operations Research Analyst: Using statistics to solve issues in production, logistics, procurement and sales.
  • IT Manager: Ensuring the proper operations of an IT system within an organization, including identifying, implementing and maintaining new IT systems.
  • Management Analyst: Determining whether the leadership and management within an organization is conducive to the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the business and suggesting and implementing changes.
  • Finance Analyst: Holding responsibility for the finances of an organization, coming up with ways to lower costs and increase profitability.
  • HR Specialist: Helping a business recruit, train and retain the best talent in the industry. You will also focus on certain elements ,such as succession planning and management of sickness absence.
  • Information Security Analyst: Ensuring data is kept securely and addressing any potential issues, including cyber attacks. This is one of the most in demand roles.

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In an increasingly global, competitive marketplace, having MBA-level management and leadership skills are absolutely critical to your career progression. With a top level, online MBA degree, you will become a business leader who can run a leaner, more efficient business, create a better business dynamic in your company, and also discover new, better paying business opportunities to expand your career.

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