50 Twitter Accounts Every MBA Student Should Follow

Beth Parks
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    Twitter is a great source for the latest business and leadership news if you know where to look.

    Here are 50 Twitter accounts every MBA student should follow.

    1. 30 Second MBA

    Run by Fast Company, 30 Second MBA offers quick snippets of advice from leaders of some of the world’s leading companies.

    2. MBA Game Plan

    Administered by the co-authors of the book, Your MBA Game Plan, this account links to articles that are relevant to current and future MBA students.

    3. Businessweek

    Get links to the latest blog posts and stories about business and finance published by Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

    4. The Economist

    The Economist has a special account for its “Which MBA?” section. This account posts nothing but MBA-related articles. However, they often have a negative slant.

    5. Harvard Biz Review

    Read the latest blog posts and management tips posted on the Harvard Business Review website.

    6. Fast Company

    Keep up with the latest developments as Fast Company reports on changes that may become the future of business.

    7. Business Insider

    The Business Insider publishes business news and analysis.

    8. Forbes

    Follow Forbes for business news, investment advice, and the inside scoop on the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world.

    9. FOX Business

    Get more business news from the FOX Business Network.

    10. Entrepreneur

    For the entrepreneurial-minded MBA student or anyone interested in small business, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Twitter account is a must-follow.

    11. NYT Business

    The New York Times is another good source of business news.

    12. Guardian Business

    Add a little international flavor to your business news with Guardian Business.

    13. Stanford Business

    The Stanford Graduate School of Business offers business news, research, and ideas.

    14. Steve Forbes

    The chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media shares his opinions on the government and business. Steve is one of the co-authors of Freedom Manifesto: Why Free Markets are Moral & Government Isn’t.

    15. On Leadership

    The Washington Post has a separate account for its leadership section. Tune in for leadership news and articles.

    16. American Management

    Advance your management skills and boost your success with the help of the American Management Association.

    17. Brian Tracy

    Brian Tracy is an author, speaker, and success expert.

    18. MBA Podcaster

    Listen to their biweekly podcasts for interviews with MBA students and faculty as well as information about the admissions process, job opportunities for recent graduates, and more.

    19. Shep Hyken S

    hep Hyken is a customer service expert and author of The Amazement Revolution.

    20. Stanford: Leadership

    Leadership quotes and articles from The Center for Leadership at Stanford.

    21. Michael Hyatt

    Michael Hyatt is the author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. He tweets about leadership and productivity.

    22. FT Management

    The Financial Times offers business and management news and analysis.

    23. Ken Blanchard

    Author of dozens of books, including The One Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard knows a thing or two about management. Follow his posts for leadership articles, webinars, and motivational quotes.

    24. Drucker School

    MBA You’ll find business articles as well as information about what’s happening at the Drucker School here.

    25. Seth Godin

    Seth Godin is the founder of Squidoo.com and author of several books, including The Purple Cow and Permission Marketing.

    26. EntreLeadership

    Dave Ramsey offers his take on leadership and entrepreneurship.

    27. Top MBA

    Find information about the world’s best business schools and MBA programs, including rankings, admissions requirements, and more.

    28. Leadership

    Tips Insightful leadership tips and quotes without links or promotion.

    29. TED Tweets

    Don’t miss the latest TED Talks. Follow this account to keep up with what’s new.

    30. Mary A. Molloy

    Mary Malloy is an executive coach and author of Design Your Own Destiny and The Buck Starts Here.

    31. MBA Outlook

    MBA Outlook covers the entire MBA industry worldwide, providing helpful information for executives as well as business schools and their alumni.

    32. Michael McKinney

    Michael McKinney shows you how to lead from where you are now, starting at any level.

    33. Marketing B2B

    Check out this Twitter account to keep up on business-to-business marketing news.

    34. Entrepreneur Week

    If you like inspirational quotes, you’ll want to follow Entrepreneur Week. Their tweets are a mixture of quotes and business news, heavy on the quotes.

    35. Marketing Week Mag

    Follow Marketing Week Mag to read about the latest marketing news.

    36. WSJ Management

    Read articles about management from the Wall Street Journal.

    37. Cathy Shaughnessy

    Cathy is an executive coach who helps managers and CEOs solve big problems.

    38. HR World Today

    Keep up with the latest news in the world of human resources.

    39. MBA Focus MBA

    Focus posts job openings for new MBAs. This is a great Twitter account to follow whether you’ve recently graduated or you’re still in school but interested in finding out what kind of opportunities are out there.

    40. Jim Kouzes

    Jim Kouzes is one of the co-authors of The Leadership Challenge. Follow along to hear the latest on Real Recognition Radio.

    41. MBA Highway

    Here’s another account with job postings for MBAs.

    42. John Baldoni

    John Baldoni contributes to HBR and Forbes. He is an executive coach, leadership author, and speaker.

    43. Ann Handley

    Ann Handley is co-author of Content Rules and chief content officer at MarketingProfs.com.

    44. Leadership Institute

    The Leadership Institute focuses on teaching conservatives how to win. Liberals could probably pick up a few tips too, if they’re not offended by the slant.

    45. Joseph Palumbo, MBA

    Joseph is a recruiter, speaker, executive coach, and leadership trainer.

    46. Just Ask Leadership

    Gary B. Cohen is an international keynote speaker, author, and executive coach.

    47. Marshall Goldsmith

    Marshall Goldsmith is the bestselling author of What Got You Her Won’t Get You There and MOJO!

    48. Babson MBA Program

    The Babson MBA Program Twitter account provides links to business articles that are of interest to MBA students and executives alike.

    49. Chuck Blakeman

    Read Chuck Blakeman’s book, Making Money is Killing Your Business, to find out how to build a successful business without giving up your life.

    50. HRE Online

    In addition to articles about human resources, you’ll find posts on leadership, networking, finding a job, and more.

    If you follow these 50 Twitter accounts, you’ll be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest news in every area of business.