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Technical Analyst Careers

What We Do As a technical analyst, you will look at the platforms and infrastructure of your organization to see whether or not they are useful and feasible. Furthermore, you will update and maintain hardware, software and relevant training materials…. Read More

Tax Compliance Manager Careers

What We Do As a tax compliance manager, you will create tax returns, forecasts and calculations and verify them. You will also provide advice on compliance, accounting and tax planning. Furthermore, you will gather, look at and validate any information… Read More

Statistical Analyst Careers

What We Do As a statistics analyst, you will maintain and develop programs around statistics, which includes associated documents. Furthermore, you will interpret the data you collect and report on this in a way that different audiences can understand. You… Read More

Software Analyst Careers

What We Do As a software analyst, you will take part in reviews of codes and provide your expertise on a technical level. You will also look at and change existing software systems using programming language. Any programs that are… Read More

Senior Tax Manager Careers

What We Do A senior tax manager is responsible for the management and documentation of compliance. They look into tax research and planning and make sure they can properly advise their clients. They also stay up to date with new… Read More

Senior Financial Analyst Careers

What We Do A senior financial analyst helps to prepare finance reports based on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly schedules. These reports look specifically at variances between actual spent and budget. You will also provide forecasts on the yearly budget…. Read More

Risk Analyst Careers

What We Do As a risk analyst you will establish measures for quality control by auditing data. You will also create summaries and reports and document procedures and processes. Furthermore, you will calculate outcomes and risks using available data. Finally,… Read More

Retirement Analyst Careers

What We Do Retirement analysts are a type of personal financial advisor. They are responsible for helping their clients to make plans that will suit their personal retirement goals. This means you will look at things such as portfolio management,… Read More

Real Estate Analyst Careers

What We Do As a real estate analyst, you will be responsible for the coordination of service level agreements and budgets with property managers. You will look into public records and legal documents to find out what a title’s status… Read More

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