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Online MBA Page.com is a new social education community formed in 2012  in response to the growing demand of MBA’s in the United States, China and the emerging markets. The demand for qualified MBA students couldn’t be any greater than it is today as innovation dominates our world’s economy. After all, we need the best and the brightest to help drive our local & global economies. Online MBA Page.com is powered by Class.ly, a California company specializing in developing creative editorial for students around the world.

About Joseph Pickett

Joseph Pickett is the Chief staff writer who has a strong background in MBA & Technology. He writes a wide range of articles and blog posts about many education-related topics  including distance learning and all types of free and affordable online education. Pickett also writes about many other topics, including all types of electronics, smartphone apps, and appliances. When he is not at the keyboard, Pickett enjoys reading his Kindle, running and biking.

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