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About Us

OnlineMBAPage.com has been designed to assist potential online MBA students to make informed decisions about which universities to consider. It also is intended to provide these students with more information about potential careers and specialties they may pursue after they earn their online MBA degree.

The overall focus of this online resource is to tell you about the many exciting educational possibilities awaiting you at online MBA programs, as well as what you can expect after you graduate.

All content is written or overseen by Bob Horton.

Why an Online MBA Is a Wise Investment

A quality online MBA program usually is a good investment into your career that will pay dividends for years. One of the best aspects of an online program is that you can usually pursue your graduate business education while you continue to work.

Years ago, the only options for potential MBA students usually were to go to night school or to stop working and attend school full time. Today’s online MBA programs allow you to attend school part or full time, and usually on your own schedule.

Another major plus for online MBA programs is that distance learning gives you the opportunity to select from many university programs. No longer must you select an MBA program that is within driving distance of your home. You can select an online MBA program in another city, state or even country!

Online MBAs Growing in Popularity

When online MBAs first were introduced more than a decade ago, there may have been somewhat of a ‘stigma’ associated with some of these degrees. There were questions about whether or not online graduate degrees were the equals of their campus-based counterparts.

Today, most quality online MBA programs have gained a great deal of recognition and credibility, with many of these programs fully accredited by the US Department of Education and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), one of the most respected accreditation agencies for business schools. That organization has accredited 727 business schools in 48 countries to date.

If you ever have any question about the quality of your online MBA program, check to see if it is accredited by the Department of Education and/or the AACSB. If so, you know that the program has had to meet high quality standards, and your degree will be accepted by potential employers.

In many programs, there really is no difference today between earning a traditional MBA or online MBA at the end of the two or three year program. The programs usually are virtually identical in content; the only difference is in the method of delivery of the instruction.

Top MBA Specialties

One of the advantages of many online MBA programs today is that there are so many different specialties available. Some of the most popular their corresponding average salaries:

  • Finance – $121,000

  • International Business – $116,000

  • Marketing – $113,000

  • Information Systems – $106,000

  • Technology Management – $102,000

  • Business Management – $96,000

  • Accounting – $84,000

Top MBA Jobs

Here are some of the most popular jobs with an online MBA and their corresponding average salaries:

  • Chief Financial Officer – $168,000

  • Finance Director – $151,000

  • Senior Financial Analyst – $85,000

  • Sales Director – $137,000

  • Operations Director – $120,000

  • IT Project Manager – $100,000

  • Marketing Director – $133,000

  • Business Development Manager – $105,000

  • IT Director – $120,000

  • IT Project Manager – $103,000

  • Chief Financial Officer – $125,000

Top Online MBA Programs

Some of the best and most affordable online MBA programs include those from these universities:

  • Walden University

  • Grand Canyon University

  • Florida Tech Online University

  • Kaplan University

  • Liberty University

  • Rutgers University

  • California University of PA

  • University of the Southwest

  • Western Governor’s University

We hope that you find this online MBA website useful in making your career decision!