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50 Awesome Things You Can Do with a Business Management MBA Degree

September 6, 2016 9:31 pm

The MBA (Master in Business Administration) is becoming an increasingly popular degree. It is very prestigious and greatly increases someone’s employment and earning potential. An MBA degree holder is respected for the ability to manage all facets of an organization, and even more so if an MBA with a specific concentration has been completed. Let’s take a look at 50 things that you can do with an MBA degree.

  1. Law Firm Specialist – Particularly interesting for those who have an interest in law, but not in practicing law itself. If you hold and MBA, you can manage the business processes of large law firms, while the lawyers complete their cases.
  2. Human Resource Specialist – Perfect if you have an MBA with a human resource specialization. This allows you to manage the human side of business, ensuring talent is attracted, the right people are in the right place, training and development is available, and conflicts are resolved.
  3. Talent Acquisition Consultant – Particularly popular for those with an MBA with a concentration in HR. This means you are able to recognize talent and attract them to different organizations.
  4. Revenue Management Analyst – Where you will improve existing account management procedures, ensuring that budgets are properly set up and spent. You will also be responsible for the strategic development of increasing value for money and lowering waste.
  5. International Organization Specialist – This can either be in a for profit, capitalist organization, or a nonprofit or NGO. You will focus on the influences of international relations, political, economic, and social, and address issues such as poverty. This is an opportunity to improve the developing world.
  6. Urgent Care Facilities Manager – This is another option for those with a health care concentration. Here, you will deal with people who have medical emergencies. Urgent care facilities are new, as a response to the goal of keeping people out of hospital as much as possible, which means you can really shape this industry.
  7. Group Practice Administrator – Particularly suitable for those with a health care concentration. The health care industry is one of the fastest growing in the country, as well as one of the most exciting ones.
  8. Pharmaceutical Project Manager – Here, you will be employed in one of the world’s largest industries. The pharmaceutical industry is not just about developing new drugs, but also about marketing those, running a profitable business, organizing test, and more. Drug promotion is likely to be a key focus of your job.
  9. Manager in Federal Government – You could work for the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the IRS, the Department of Health and Human Services, and so on. These government organizations are always looking for top talent to add to their resources, particularly for the implementation of new national programs and projects. The most recent one has been the Affordable Care Act, for instance, for which new graduates are still required.
  10. Advocacy Group Manager – This gives you the opportunity to make a real difference in something you really believe in. With salaries of around $103,620 per year, it is reasonably easy to feel good about making a difference as well. You could focus on any area, such as economical, educational, health, poverty, animal rights, or any other industry.
  11. Logistician – While this industry offers good salaries, there has been a significant stagnation in growth, which is something to be aware of. If you are interested in the ins and outs of how a product gets made and ends up in a consumer’s hands, then this is the career for you.
  12. Field Strategist – You will focus on sales and customer service. You will essentially be the link between customers and companies, designing services that people actually look for but in such a way that the business remains profitable.
  13. Marketing Manager – Particularly suitable for those with a marketing concentration. You could earn as much as $140,660 per year with this job! It is also a great opportunity to let your creativity shine through.
  14. Business Founder – This is really good if you have an MBA with an entrepreneurship concentration. It allows you to set up your own SME (small to medium sized enterprise) and build it up from the ground, after which you can keep running it or sell it.
  15. Health Services Manager – Particularly suitable for those with a health care concentration, enabling you to manage the business side of specific health services. The focus is likely to be on the needs of the Baby Boom generation who, as they are getting older, require more care and have higher expectations as well.
  16. Employment Placement Firm Manager – Suitable for someone with a human resource management specialization. You can ensure that people find employment through this role, while supporting organizations in making sure they hire the best people for every job.
  17. Portfolio Manager – This can be a glamorous job if you get the right portfolio. However, even outside of the limelight, you can do this type of work focusing on politicians, professional athletes, departments of large stores, and so on.
  18. Life Insurance Specialist – There is a large demand for MBA degree holders for this role. Life insurance companies tend to have health care administration departments, because their work is so closely related to the health care industry. Hence, it is another great job for those with a health care concentration.
  19. Fundraiser – This is an opportunity for you to make a real difference in something you genuinely care about. You can work for any kind of nonprofit organization and help them to raise the money for their services. While your salary will generally be a little bit lower here, you will not be expected to do volunteer work.
  20. Financial Advisor – Particularly suitable for those with a finance concentration. You can work either within the financial services industry, for instance for a bank, or as a consultant to private clients or organizations, helping them get their finances in order and increasing their overall bank balance.
  21. Entrepreneur – It is risky, so you do need to be able to fail and learn from that. If you manage to survive, however, you could end up becoming wealthy indeed. People like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates were all entrepreneurs.
  22. Private Consultant – There is always a demand in all types of industries. You can help organizations rethink how they are staffed, what they pay for, what their strategies and goals are, and more. You can also do this with individuals who may want to find out how to set up their own business, improve their finances, or anything else.
  23. Manager in State Government – You will provide true leadership thanks to your analytical, strategic mind. There is always a demand in state government for those with an MBA, and the career options are truly tremendous.
  24. Research Facilities Manager – You can help in the business side of developing new products, services, or other pieces of research. If you want to be involved in the research itself, you may have to complete a Doctor of Business Administration degree, however, which was previously only available through Harvard University, but is now offered in other universities.
  25. Health Policy Analyst – Another excellent job for those with a health care concentration. Here, your focus will be on policy development and legal regulations. Your goal is to make sure that policies will positively affect the lives of the people served by your organization.
  26. Manager in a Foreign Country – The main countries with requirements for MBA degree holders are the USA, India, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, China, Peru, Mexico, Egypt, or Japan. You can work in a variety of organizations there.
  27. Data Analytics Manager – You deal with the huge amount of data that exist in the world today. This has been hailed as “the sexiest job of the 21st century”.
  28. Economist – Particularly suitable for those with an economics concentration. You can work with the government to monitor the current economy and understand influences of various social, political, economic, and environmental factors.
  29. Insurance Broker – You work as a point of liaison between policy holders and insurance companies.
  30. Investment Analyst – An excellent job for those who really want to get into the big money. This is a risky job, and one where you will be responsible for the finances of other people, but it is also very exciting.
  31. Loss Adjuster – Another insurance industry related job. Your goal here is to make sure policy holders are treated and compensated fairly, while at the same time making sure insurance companies remain profitable.
  32. Management Consultant – Most people who hold an MBA are sponsored by their employer to become management consultants, as they help to develop specific areas of business.
  33. Merchandiser – You will make sure that the store you work for has all the necessary products in stock and that they are priced appropriately. You will also set sales targets and budgets, and make sure that those are met.
  34. Payroll Manager – Suitable for those who have an accountancy or human resource concentration. You will be responsible for making sure all personnel are paid properly at the right time, and that their taxes are handled properly.
  35. Project Manager – You will be responsible for the successful completion of a project. You will set up the team, work with the budget, determine who does what, monitor that goals are being achieved, and will be accountable in case things go wrong.
  36. Stockbroker – This is another high risk but very exciting position with the potential to make really serious money. It is perfect for those with a concentration in finance or investment.
  37. IT Manager – You will be responsible for the IT department of the organization you work for. This is a role particularly suitable for those with an information technology concentration.
  38. CEO – This is the Holy Grail for most MBA degree holders. Many of the Fortune 500 company CEOs do hold an MBA degree, in any concentration. As CEO, you will essentially head the entire company.
  39. Accountant – You should be able to take the Chartered Public Accountants certification examination if you complete an MBA with an accountancy concentration, as you will meet the required credit hours. Be aware, however, that it is one of the toughest examinations out there, with less than 50% of people passing the first time.
  40. Corporate Communications Manager – You will be responsible for the way people speak with each other, clients, partners, and competitors. It is a highly strategic role with a strong influence on overall company culture.
  41. CIO or Chief Information Officer – This is another excellent role for those with an IT concentration. You will head the way all information is handled across the organization you work for, which goes above and beyond the IT infrastructure.
  42. Hotel Manager – Suitable for those with a hospitality management concentration. You will head an entire hotel, ensuring it runs smoothly, is as fully booked as possible, and meets guests’ expectations. This is one role that can take you to many exciting places all over the world.
  43. Product Manager – This is another very creative role, as you can be at the heart of the development of new products and opportunities for clients. Some product managers have even had patents registered.
  44. Public Relations Specialist – Perfect for those with a marketing or public relations concentration. This is all about how a company develops relationships with the wider public, treating everybody as a client or potential client who has to be retained or attracted.
  45. Executive Recruiter – Perfect for those with a human resource concentration. Here, you will be responsible for finding people who can take on senior and strategic management positions in large companies.
  46. Advertising Executive – You will help run advertising agencies, coming up with new advertisements for a range of products. It is not a secure job, as you will have to pitch for ideas and you may find yourself fired quite regularly when a job doesn’t work out. But if you are creative and make it in this world, the money, prestige, and job satisfaction is perfect.
  47. Finance Officer – Suitable for new MBA graduates with a finance concentration to start in, and then they can work their way up to higher positions.
  48. CFO or Chief Financial Officer – you will head the entire financial department of the company you work for.
  49. Market Research Analyst – You will work together with a team of others to review data that is collected through market research. You will help to develop ways of capturing data, after which you can write reports on findings and present this to senior management teams.
  50. Management Analyst – You will look at how organizations are managed, and what can be done to improve on that. You will usually work within different organizations for short periods of time, observing how they work and where improvements can be made.

These are just 50 of the career options that are out there for you if you complete an MBA degree. This list is by no means exhaustive. The MBA degree is respected the world over for churning out graduates with the best business skills around, so you are almost guaranteed to be able to find a good job.

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