Many people have stories about the worst bosses they ever had, but what about the best bosses?

What sort of behaviors and habits do the best supervisors in business have?

This is an important question: Recent research has shown the high economic value of effective supervisors. And of course, having a great boss just makes work much more enjoyable and productive.

According to a recent article [...] READ MORE

Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly MBA School Rankings for 2013

How do prospective students find more information about the colleges they are considering? Increasingly, they are turning to social media. From watching videos on YouTube to asking quick questions on Twitter, students expect to be able to interact with schools online to get more information about the programs they are considering.

To determine the most social media friendly MBA schools, the staff at Online MBA spent weeks gathering and compiling data from the social media accounts of more than 400 business Campus-based schools and ranked them... Read More