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Explore Accredited Options

Earning your MBA is still an excellent way to accelerate your career and to earn a higher salary. In the past, most MBA programs required you to take the GMAT or GRE to be considered for admission into their programs. Today, many schools are moving away from such standardized tests and are relying on other methods to screen candidates, such as work experience. We’ve outlined a list of qualified schools and overviews of the most in-demand specializations

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Go Further in Business

One of the major benefits of an MBA is that you can go in so many different career directions with it. Part of this is due to the fact that many graduate schools now offer MBA programs with many different concentration options. You can focus your education on the aspect of business management that most interests you. Then, you can get a job in one of the fields below where you can put your MBA to use.

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Find Money Get Advice

Scholarships and grants are a great place to look for additional money to helpreduce the burden of the cost of going after an advanced degree. In this section, research and compare MBA scholarships available right now. Plus, research free online business courses from the world’s leading universities and opencourseware providers. Our database is full of helpful articles to educate and inform.

Social Entrepreneurship

According to John C. Whitehead, a former Goldman Sachs senior partner and member of the board turned course advisor at the Harvard Business School, a social entrepreneur trained in practical business ways of thinking has an even greater possibility for impact in social enterprises than in traditional ones. Business schools can give people with world-changing ideas the skills to be successful business leaders.

What is the most powerful lever you can imagine? A big idea, but only if it’s in the hands of a truly outstanding entrepreneur. It starts with the person and the idea, and then grows to the institution. All three are intertwined. "

- Bill Drayton