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Wine Business MBA

February 22, 2013 11:11 pm

For those business professionals who are seeking a unique degree with a specialized focus, the internet has what you need. The MBA with a concentration in Wine Business, or Wine MBA, is one of those unique degrees that gives business professionals the skills and experience that they need in both business practices and the wine industry. Managers, entrepreneurs, and others working in the wine industry can benefit from an advanced degree program like this to obtain a higher level of understanding in business principles and a focused business education that specifically targets the wine industry.

To get an idea of how a Wine MBA works, students can check out the program offered at Sonoma State University. This program offers general MBA curriculum combined with cutting-edge global business, marketing, and sustainability training that is focused specifically on the wine industry. It’s like getting a lifetime of experience in the form of a degree program, giving students the chance to learn faster and become masters of their industry in less time.

In any business environment, having an MBA is guaranteed to advance career opportunities and provide more opportunities for success. As such, an MBA with a concentration in Wine Business will offer professionals the chance to advance their careers and find success within the wine industry, no matter what their goals or career desires might be.

Wine business opportunities are growing and expanding with a variety of different positions and opportunities available to today’s wine enthusiasts and business professionals. The wine industry is growing fast and reaching out to people who want to find success in an industry like this. Some of the best opportunities include:

  • Home Wine Consulting: Hosting parties and selling wines as an independent consultant
  • Wine Tasting: Private home parties can be an option for profiting from a wine business
  • Franchising a wine business or store

Before this degree, wine professionals were required to hone their skills with hands-on experience in the industry. Because of the unique set of issues that are presented within the wine industry, a specialty degree is often the best solution for many professionals.

The Wine MBA program will cover things like

  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Farming
  • Other related topics

There are a variety of issues and problems that need to be addressed as a wine business moves from planting grapes to marketing finished wines, and these used to require time and experience within the industry to understand. A legacy business, wine making was once limited to those who had the family background or other ties to the industry. With the addition of the MBA with concentration in Wine Business, many more connoisseurs and professionals within the wine industry are capable of becoming successful in their craft.

Perhaps the most beneficial element of the MBA in Wine Business is the speed of learning. This degree advances the learning curve for wine professionals and gives them the opportunity to find success much faster. Instead of investing years into practicing and learning the craft, handling business marketing issues by trial and error, and attempting to perfect their skills over time, wine enthusiasts and professionals can now earn a reputable business degree that will give them the skills and experience that they need to become successful in the wine industry regardless of how much experience they have or what their background might be.

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