Digital MBA Recruitment Practices, A Visual Look [INFOGRAPHIC]

The digital revolution has changed how we communicate and how we do our jobs. Corporate MBA recruiters are no exception. These professionals are always searching for top MBA candidates for their companies, and they use computers and mobile devices in many ways to help their search.

For example, the infographic below reveals that a survey of 534 corporate MBA recruiters found that most of them used computers and mobile devices to both read and send emails during their recruiting work. Large numbers of MBA recruiters also used a computer or smartphone to view resumes, take notes after an interview, manage their recruiting calendar and to rate candidates.

The survey shows how many recruiters are now using smartphones to write and check email, and to review the resumes of job candidates. Also, 66% of recruiters use mobile devices to do their work when they are traveling to and attending recruiting events.

Also about 30% of recruiters now do some video interviewing of job candidates. And, some recruiters – about 3% – perform video interviews on smartphones.

About ⅓ of recruiters are very active in their jobs, and will visit six or more college campuses to fill their positions. And one out of five recruiters will hire at least 10 MBAs this year alone.

It’s clear – MBA recruiters have been affected by the digital age like the rest of us.