20 + Cool Online Executive EMBA Programs for Serious Professionals

Are you looking to get your graduate degree while working full time? An Executive MBA or EMBA program is designed for busy working professionals who want to earn their advanced degree while working full time and balancing their commitment to home and family. Executive Master of Business Administration programs specifically target corporate executives and managers, are developed to be completed in 2 years or less. EMBA programs are made up of a mix of classroom teaching on evenings and weekends, online tutorials and occasional full-day sessions. The EMBA student typically has a higher level of work experience, often 10 years or more, compared to typical MBA students.

  1. Texas A&M University Commerce - Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) - The Executive Master of Business Administration degree is designed to meet the needs of the working professional. The executive MBA bridges the gap between theory and application. Texas A&M University-Commerce fosters excellence, innovation and a commitment to community in a globally competitive environment. In pursuit of this mission, A&M-Commerce supports future leaders by responding to and serving the educational needs of a diverse group of professionals who comprise the student population. From case studies that assist students in learning best business practices to community service that demonstrates how successful business and community relations can intertwine, these projects are integral components of this nationally recognized degree program. The executive MBA helps professionals achieve the credentials necessary to enhance their career while adding practical knowledge and experience to promote economically sound decision-making. Texas A&M University-Commerce is part of a state-accredited, international university system that reaches from Texas to Beijing to Dubai and beyond. Graduate students will find that the executive MBA will help prepare them to compete in the global marketplace. GMAT waived under no conditions.
  2. Leadership Executive MBA -Loyola Marymount University (LMU) -The LMU Leadership EMBA requires a bachelor’s degree and at least six years of professional, managerial or entrepreneurial experience. This program is for mid-career executives. Classes meet on most Saturdays, with new EMBA classes starting in August.
  3. Executive MBA Program -UCLA Anderson School of Management -This program offers an Executive MBA that will enhance your leadership skills and broaden your knowledge of global markets.  Executive MBA classes meet on campus every other weekend throughout the school year, from September to June.
  4. Global Executive MBA for the Americas -UCLA Anderson School of Management -This is a part-time international MBA program which gives executive MBA students the in-depth knowledge, skills and relationships needed to confront regional and global business challenges. Classes are in Miami, Los Angeles, São Pauloand Santiago.
  5. Executive MBA Program -Pepperdine University – This top ranked MBA program challenges senior managers to step out of their comfort zone and learn more about business on a professional and personal level. This Pepperdine program is ranked among the top by Business Week and Financial Times.
  6. Executive MBA Program -University of California Irvine – This program allows you to earn your MBA degree from a prestigious university. This challenging program provides you with strategic perspective, and convenient scheduling helps you fit it into your busy life.
  7. Executive MBA ProgramWharton University – Wharton offers one world-class MBA in two formats. We deliver a traditional full-time MBA program in Philadelphia, and we offer the same undiluted MBA to working professionals through our executive MBA program in Philadelphia and San Francisco.
  8. Executive MBA ProgramUC Riverside – This is an accelerated 21-month EMBA program taught on alternating weekends in a residential format at the UCR Palm Desert Graduate Center. This difficult program is designed for busy working professionals who need balance between work and home.
  9. Executive MBA ProgramNYU Stern – This is a 22-Month Executive MBA program inNew York. It offers a general management curriculum with two Global Study Tours and broad choice of electives. NYU Stern provides the academic preparation needed to drive your career to the next level.
  10. Executive MBA ProgramUSC Marshall – This 21-month program incorporates an MBA curriculum that gets to the heart of issues that senior managers and seasoned professionals encounter on a daily basis. The Marshall EMBA program is designed for senior managers and seasoned professionals who wish to remain fully employed as they pursue their graduate studies.
  11. Executive MBA Program -The Columbia Business School -Columbia Business School’s Executive MBA (EMBA) program gives professionals with real-world experience the skills they need to achieve as leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. All MBA students share the same faculty members, same core curriculum, and spend the same number of hours in class.
  12. Executive MBA Program -Georgetown University – The McDonough School of Business offers a world-class Executive MBA (EMBA) that begins in August and spans 20 months, culminating with the Global Capstone Residency during which teams of students travel the world to study the impact of globalization at the country, industry, and firm levels.
  13. ESADE Global Executive MBA -Georgetown University -Georgetown University delivers an MBA that capitalizes on global learning for executives. Students are educated in the essentials of a world-class MBA degree provided in an innovative format.
  14. Executive MBA ProgramChicago Booth – From Chicago Booth, a 21-month Executive MBA Program is offered inChicago,London, andSingapore.  This Executive MBA Program is designed for experienced managers and directors seeking an intense professional development experience with an international atmosphere.
  15. Executive MBA ProgramVanderbilt University – The Vanderbilt Executive MBA is designed with the view from the top. The Vanderbilt program adds essential layers that will help you achieve your full potential as a leader: Advanced Financial Frameworks, Strategic Skills and Vision, and Leadership Development.
  16. Executive MBA ProgramNorthwestern – Designed for senior and mid-career executives, the Kellogg Executive MBA Program is flexible and challenging. The program emphasizes teamwork and cross-cultural collaboration, leadership and adaptability.
  17. Executive MBA Program -Univ. of Texas – The Texas EMBA program is the only one among the top 10 schools with a price tag under six figures. The two-year program consists of four consecutive academic semesters and 42 credit hours of coursework.
  18. Global Executive MBA -Duke University – This 15-month Global Executive MBA has five mandatory terms. Each of these sessions is followed by distance learning periods. This program is designed for older execs where the student’s average age is 38.
  19. Executive MBA Program -University of Michigan – The 21 month Ross EMBA requires a mandatory consulting project with a corporate sponsor. The projects in this program allow student teams to help resolve real business challenges, often in international or entrepreneurial settings. It’s a unique feature of this EMBA which doesn’t exist in most other programs.
  20. Executive MBA ProgramCornell – The Cornell executive MBA program combines a traditional MBA program with the general management curriculum and weekend format of an executive degree program. This 22-month program is divided into four terms of approximately equal length.
  21. Executive MBA ProgramWashington University, Olin Business School – This program offers a curriculum that ensures an absolute command of all functional disciplines and the ability to apply those skills to complex, unstructured business problems. The curriculum will challenge you to overcome any barriers.