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Investment Banking MBA Online

December 28, 2012 11:21 pm

If you are looking to get an ever-increasing level of responsibility and authority within your company, going to the next level in your education can many times be a great first step. The short term investment in time and money will usually pay off many times over down the road in terms of higher salaries.

If your interests tend towards the financial markets and the excitement of the stock market, then pursuing an Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Investment Management may be just the perfect first step.

If you are wondering how you can get an advanced degree without quitting your job and moving to another city with a great program, those things are no longer necessary. With the online programs now being offered by the top schools in the country, you can complete your coursework on your own timeframe, with no need to live on-campus as you may have done for your undergraduate degree.

The University of North Carolina is one of those programs. They have a very well-respected program that gives you the benefit of some of highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors from whatever town you live in. The program also brings with it many other traits of large universities, such as mentoring from seasoned professionals, a sought after recruiting office for job placement, and a highly developed alumni network that can prove very valuable after you complete the program.

Credit Hours

This online MBA program at UNC is designed to be completed in 24 months and consists of a total of 66 credit hours.

There are 3 formats of instruction that are used, in completing this program. The self-paced part is designed to maximize the amount of flexibility that can be built into the time of the student. By making this an important element of the curriculum, there is a greater ability for education to fit into the lives of the students.

The synchronous segment of the program requires pre-determined online classroom times that involve lectures, case studies, and peer-to-peer interactions between students as well as the teacher. The final class format is what they call the “3-day immersion session” where each student is required to attend the classes in order to fully acquire the personal face-to-face part of leadership training. Teamwork and team building exercises create the kinds of interactions that most people would believe would not occur through an online education.


The course load is broken down into core and concentration courses. The majority of the classes are in the core category with the rest falling into the investment management area. The core work makes up 56 of the 66 hours needed for graduation, and covers all essential elements of a business education. It includes finance, accounting, economics, marketing, as well as the tools that managers and executives need in order to lead and direct. These classes include analytics, leadership, communications, and strategy.  Once the principles of business are understood and more familiar, the additional classes can build onto that by digging deeper into the investment management field.

These courses focus on the idea of asset management for individual portfolios as well as larger scale corporate investment management skills. These can be utilized in capital markets, securities exchanges, as well as with sales and trading.

Admission Requirements

The application process for admission to the online MBA program at UNC involves several factors. The experience portion requires that each applicant has 5 years of professional work experience. They are willing to consider as few as 2 years, if the other factors prove worthy, such as the GMAT test score, which is required of all applicants. In addition to that and work experience, there must be a completed undergraduate degree, or an equivalent degree for international students.

There are also the things that most people expect in an application for higher education, such as answering essay questions, submitting three written recommendations, and completing a personal interview with a college admissions representative. That interview is done online through webcam, so it will be the first “virtual” step of your formal education.


If this online MBA program seems to offer the kind of advancement potential you are interested in, then you need to be aware of the cost. The total cost of the program as of July 2012 was $91,225. That cost includes all tuition costs, texts, and any of the costs incurred for lodging or dining during the “immersion sessions” that are part of the program.  As is the case with all educational pursuits of higher learning, the costs do qualify for financial aid programs, loans, and scholarships.

If you are interested in expanding your education in order to be better qualified for advancement within the company where you are currently employed, you may be eligible for help directly from your company where they will agree to fund a portion of the education. Sometimes this involves reimbursement for each class completed, and other times it can include full tuition payment. Since all companies are different, see your internal Human Resources person for more information.

Take the First Step

In an increasingly global, competitive marketplace, having MBA-level management and leadership skills are absolutely critical to your career progression. With a top level, online MBA degree, you will become a business leader who can run a leaner, more efficient business, create a better business dynamic in your company, and also discover new, better paying business opportunities to expand your career.

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