10 Highest Paying Finance Careers

Earning an MBA with a concentration in finance gives a person a huge variety in the kinds of jobs and careers they can pursue. Finance was recently rated the number one choice for the highest paying of the MBA concentrations, at  7 Highest Paying MBA Concentrations for the Future.

These skills that can relate in almost any industry and any corporation, but can also include strictly finance industry positions as well. Most of these positions offer high starting salaries and most can be fairly stable.

The careers with the highest salaries, updated from CareerBuilder.com are as follows:

#1 Chief Financial Officer:  $156,272

Principally responsible for all financial responsibilities within a corporation. Must ensure all financial obligations are being taken care of, usually by leading a group of directors that are responsible for their individual divisions. Must maintain executive presence within the top channels of the organization representing the financial sector, directly reporting to the Chief Executive Officer.

#2 Finance Director:  $137,928

The duties of the financial director are involved in the corporate finance department of the corporation. They see that all accounting measures are accurate, all monetary controls are being met, that they report to their superiors relevant information as to the performance of the company, and provide leadership to the subordinate members of their own department.

#3 Treasurer:  $120,016

These positions deal with the cash management of an organization and can include their investment mix as well as their ways that current liabilities are handled. Many times their duties are in preparing audits of all figures internally to guarantee compliance with all governmental regulations. This senior level position also needs to be able to report all business details of a financial matter to executives through all departments of the firm.

#4 Controller:  $116,171

The controller has duties to the financial division of the organization through the management of all departments involved in the studying and analyzing of financial performance. This person is responsible for producing the reports that are relied upon heavily as they become the basis for decision making and strategy purposes by the executives of the firm.

#5 Senior Consultant:  $115,870

This career involves working at client sites at performing a variety of analytical and process reviews in order to get to the issue your company has been hired to ascertain. A senior consultant would be involved in meeting with client representatives in order to get all of the factual information needed to address the issues in a timely manner.

#6 Managing Stock Broker:  $111,609

They are financial advisers who work for private investors managing their portfolios. They look at the needs of individual investors through individual brokers and work to maximize profits. Building on existing clients and adding value through demonstrating ethical dealings and finding profitable combinations of investments to achieve their goals. Must follow the market to be aware of investment performance.

#7 Investment Fund Manager:  $108,439

On a corporate level, these managers are called upon to manage the investment portfolio for various combination of organizational clients. These careers are also involved in knowing and tracking the market and knowing the right investments to suggest for individual clients based on their objectives.

#8 Financial Consultant:  $105,847

These professionals are trained in the current climate of market trends in order to help advise customers on their individual needs. Taking into account taxes, stocks, and all other factors, they work to maximize desired results.

#9 Portfolio Manager:  $101,901

For the executives of an organization, the portfolio manager is the one that oversees the investment combination being used in their financial management. All questions that arise regarding that combination will be raised to the portfolio manager. They and their staff are responsible for monitoring market conditions and knowing what choices work best in certain situations.

#10 Finance Manager:  $98,557

The finance manager is responsible for all accounting and reporting that is done from the finance division. They are called upon to help analyze financial reports and to derive from these reports information that can be used to study past performance or to forecast likely future scenarios. This can be used to improve past problems or to prepare for future possibilities.

If these kinds of positions and salaries are appealing, then you should begin looking into  getting an MBA with a finance concentration. There are many choices out there for schools, but many people are finding the advantages of the online programs available make this far more achievable in their current lives. This listing of top schools for this degree is at 10 Top Online Finance MBA Degrees Without GMAT.